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    British People Are Sharing Fake Facts On Twitter And It’s Hilarious

    Twitter’s a funny old thing. You spend a lot of your time scrolling through it, despairing for humanity as the battle rages on between actual Nazis and… vegans, and then the rest of it seems to be comedians whose only platform is Twitter, making average jokes and getting tens of thousands of retweets.   I […]

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    This Is How Long The Average Person Spends On Social Media Every Day

    I’m too short for my liking. For England, I think I’m either bang-on average or an inch shorter than I’d need to be. As for the world though, I’m a couple of inches taller than average so on the off-chance someone asks how tall I am, I’ll make sure they know I’m comfortably above average. […]

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    Meaningful Logos That Say Everything About The Company’s Origin

    We often feel that we are at the brink of the creativity crisis. There is nothing new to invent, nothing new to design and nothing good enough to surprise us. But that is what normal people think. Some designers and artists go far ahead of our expectations creating some of the most beautiful, intricate and […]

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    20 Underrated Candies That Will Explode Your Taste Buds

    Anything is good if it is made of chocolate. Chocolates are one of the most beloved treats capable of impressing anyone. Be it a child, a teenager or even your grandparents. Give someone a bar of chocolate and see how their face lights up. It is not just a dessert, it is a mood changer. […]

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    180+ Countries And Still Counting, This Woman Wants To See The Whole World

    Madagascar, America, Russia, Europe, Africa and Antarctica and North Korea and… I lost the count of how many countries she has travelled in last 50 years. Name any country and this lady has a story to tell. She had this dream job, which only who are fortunate enough can bag. If you think you have […]

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    Meet The Woman Behind The Apple’s Voice SIRI

    How many times have you tried fooling Siri on your iPhone? How many times did you try playing with her voice? There are over more than 700 million iPhones, and since 2011, they have all come up with our very own mutual friend Siri. It has forever been a blessing, with Siri’s time-saving features that […]

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    A Man Adopted These 9 Simple Tricks And Lived Happily Ever After

    A man has many things to get occupied with… his business, family problems and other such things. But a lady has her whole world within his man and awaits for his appreciation. By the way, who doesn’t like being appreciated? Therefore, it is good to take full advantage of all forms of communication. Since females […]

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    11 Things You Must Never Say To Your Ex

    The breakup is heartbreaking and dealing or coping with it sounds easy but is for sure not. Relationships are complicated and breaking up after getting relation with your partner complex day by day is surely a result of the same. And when you take such a big step then there must be a solid reason […]

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    Diet Vs Exercises, Which One You Choose?

    Trying to lose weight is really difficult and while we all know that a good combination of exercise and diet is essential, we still wonder which one of these is more important? Are you a person who frequently runs over to Burger King or Starbucks because it’s just near to your workplace and your hunger […]

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