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    10 Most Amazing Waterfalls You Must Visit Before They Disappear

    The magnanimity of nature can be witnessed when gallons of water falls down from thousands of feet above, creating a breath-taking view. When streams of water gush down noisily, one cannot help but marvel at nature’s beauty and bow down in respect. Attracting thousands of visitors round the year, especially during the rainy season, waterfalls […]

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    15 Unbelievably Stunning Sculptures That Are Redefining Man-Made Art

    Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day, but I say, give a man a medium and a muse, and he will share a piece of his sentence with all. There may be plenty of wonders around the world that have been molded by the forces of nature, but man is […]

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    25 Thrilling Places You Should Visit Once With Your Partner-In-Crime

    The Nomad’s spirit is calling out telling your own self to wake up & pack your bags for the next level destination. Yes, I’m talking about your long week pending trip to world’s weirdest places with your ‘partner in crime’. From pink lakes to the gates of hell, from the painted gardens to the flower […]

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    35 Men Who Gave A Dramatic Twist To Their Beard To Impress Their Drama Queen

    When was the last time you got all muddled up deciding whether to keep the beard or shave it off? Not too long ago, right? It is so because all of the masculinity boils down to making this decision at the end of every week/month/year (to each, his own). Well, studies suggest having a good […]

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    15 Pictures Of Hollywood Celebrities Who Didn’t Mind Going Fat

    Some of the most successful American celebrities have been able to achieve success on the box-office despite being overweight. Most of us are aware that Hollywood actors, actresses and musicians have an obsession of staying slim and fit. But, what most of us haven’t noticed is that there are some world renowned Hollywood celebrities who’ve […]

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    These Cute Puppies Of Taiwan Police Are Taking The Internet By Storm

    Taiwan’s National Police Agency (NPA) K-9 unit has recruited some of the cutest dogs to help it monitor law and order problem, search drugs and explosives, locate missing people, find crime scene evidence, and protect their handlers. A police dog, known in some English-speaking countries as a “K-9” or “K9” (a homophone of “canine”), is […]

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    Glass Beach In California: The Story Of Trash To Treasure Will Amaze You

    Talk about having one of the weirdest but the coolest beach. I could help you with that. Think about a beach with sea glass as a carpet. Yup, it’s the Glass Beach, California. The pounding surf has literally smoothened out man’s mistake. It’s said that, in 1949 people from the town would come there and […]

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