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    10 Celebrities Who Gained Massive Weight

    Many of us always look into the mirror and try calculating the extra pounds we gain during holidays time, then how our very own celebrities can lag behind? They too check on their weights but even with all nutritionists and personal trainers, it becomes difficult for them to keep up the bodies we are used […]

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    9 Ways To Remove Screen Scratches From Your Mobile Phone For Free!

    It’s quite normal and easy to get a scratch on your mobile phone screen. Maybe cause of keeping it in the pocket, dropping it or any other reason, you might get a scratch on your mobile phone screen. Now, if you want to remove these scratches without leaving your home, here are some tricks which […]

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    15 Images That Will Make You Laugh Your Ass Out, #13 Is The Best

    We all have that one friend who always seems to forget his wallet. That one guy who never brings anything to the table and the concept of carrying cash is something foreign to him. Well, these guys are geniuses in getting things done for free from their friends. And there are many such freeloaders all […]

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    15 People Who Have Mastered The Art Of Ruining The Moment

    Apparently, people haven’t figured out that with the number of cameras in existence today, any time you get it on in public, someone’s lens is going to catch you. And, these captures may result into greatest laughs ever and seriously it hardly takes any time to get viral on the Internet. Here are the funniest […]

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    These Girls Had It, Hence They Flaunted It Like A Pro

    Having a hot bod is something you have to work very hard for. Not everyone is endowed with the gift of a naturally curvaceous body. Hence, some work very hard to attain this goal. And when you give something more than your 100%, it is mandatory for you to let the world know about your […]

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    20 Funniest Cases Of Child Logics That Prove These Kids The Father Of All

    Children have their reasons to everything. The innocence with which they reply to something is just adorable. This story is about, “What is the funniest child logic you’ve ever heard?”. A question that was asked on Reddit. The replies to it of some kids certainly prove that they are going to be a future prodigy […]

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    A Girl’s Pale Face Peeked Out Of The House And This Is What Police Found

    On July 13th, 2005, Mark Holste, a police detective from the Florida, USA received a phone call. Although he was used to similar calls, but it turned out to be the most bizarre case he had ever come across. In his words, “It was the worst neglect situation I’ve ever seen.” Let’s have a look […]

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    15 Heart-Wrenching Photos That Will Touch Your Soul.

    These 15 powerful images are full of emotions which will make you happy, sad and at the same time dishearten you. They are full of human emotions which will unite all of us & force us to think are we spreading humanity in the right way? Lyndsey Miller expresses her emotions as she holds her […]

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    14 Awkward Situations Every Bodybuilder Goes Through, Hilarious!

    All gym freaks out there! You must have undergone a rough time to develop those muscular biceps, shoulders and 6 packs. In every bodybuilder’s life, there are moments of ups and downs. According to the bodybuilding experts, every bodybuilder has to suffer from various problems to maintain a perfect shape physique. Here are 14 things […]

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