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    12 Things You Must Not Do In Dubai

    Different countries have different customs and traditions. Things that are appropriate in your countries may not be for other countries and may be considered illegal. Therefore, we must always bone up on the rules and laws of any place before visiting it. Dubai is one of the most comfortable places, located on the Persian Gulf. […]

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    Its Hard To Believe But These 17 Images Are Not Photoshopped At All!

    We know that photoshopping the images is a trend these days. But we love sharing something out-of-the-box everytime. So, here are some stunning pictures which are not at all photoshopped. We promise you that these pictures will leave you simply astonished!! Trust me, Its not photo shopped..Its actually carved in an awesome way! Its a […]

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    7 Funny Breakup Texts That Will Make You Go LOL

    It is quite difficult to have a face-to-face conversation for ending relationship as it can be painful. So, people have devised new tactics of parting ways without hurting each other. Phone calls, texts and social media are the common sources preferred by youngsters for breakup. Breakup texts always don’t end on a sad or angry […]

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    He Had A Pimple In His Ear And How The Doctor Helped Him Is Bizarre (Video)

    There is another viral video that’s up online, and it’s not what others are usually fascinated about. Beware. This is more than some clips about an inspirational story, an exemplary talent, a lifehack, current events or any developmental scoop. If you’re that grossed with physical occurrences in the body–flesh, blood, body fluids, and all that, […]

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    7 Insane ‘Mean Girls’ Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

    ‘Mean Girls’ needs no introduction and when it comes to details no matter how many times you have seen it, I am sure you must have missed these details. So here we present some funny details for you. 1. Regina is only 7 year younger than her mother. Rachel McAdams, who played Regina in Mean […]

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    18 Most Creative Halloween Costumes That Aren’t Obnoxious

    Are you ready fellas to rock this year’s Halloween night? If yes then, dive in! Here are some innovative ideas for the costumes which can wear and aren’t racebent! It’s because every year when Halloween is around there are so many questions arise like why using black faces for Halloween? Which is never okay! Also […]

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    Mother Gorilla’s Baby Died.. What She Did Made Me Cry!

    This is the story of a Mother Gorilla named Shira who lost her baby and still tries to wake her up. She is not ready to accept her baby’s death. Last year her son Tondu died at the age of six months after catching a viral infection. 1. Mother Shira with her baby. 2. The […]

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    10 Shocking Coincidences That You Won’t Believe Are Real

    Did you know Violet Jessop, “Miss Unsinkable,” coincidentally was travelling in all three ships when they suffered their fate and not once did she suffer anything more than a scratch? The mother of all coincidences is two collided bullets from the battle of Gallipoli 1915-16. Get ready to dive in and explore more coincidences that […]

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    15 Awesome DIY Nail Art Hacks That Are Just Amazing

    Nail art has never been so easy work than climbing a mountain! Every time I try some tutorial it never comes out the way it has to be. In fact, it looks worse than a horrific nightmare. Here are some fantastic ways that prove no less than a lifesaver! So give them a try! We […]

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