Wonderfull Paintings With Anthropomorphic Animals Inspired By Historical Characters


As a child I use to pour over my mother’s extensive library, pulling each mystery and romance novel carefully off her wooden shelves, imagining what it would be like to paint each stroke of texture. That passion for creating stories through the aesthetics of paint have molded my career and life.

During weekends, I worked on thirteen oil paintings over the course of three years because I wanted to create another calendar featuring my art of historically inspired animals.

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#1 The Thin White Dog – David Bownie

The Thin White Dog - David Bownie

Singer, songwriter and actor known for such hits as “Zippy Pawdust” and “Little China Pup.”


#2 Marilyn Mongrel

Marilyn Mongrel

“Cookies are a girl’s best friend.”


#3 Pocafawntas


Her strong tender nature saved lives of many including a wolf named John Smith.


#4 William Shakesbeard

William Shakesbeard

Creator of the masterpieces “Eating of the Shrew”, “Romeow and Mewliet”, and “MacBreath.”


#5 Kitty Roosevelt

Kitty Roosevelt

His motto “Walk softly and carry a big attitude” was adopted by many felines.


#6 Chipchip Chanell

Chipchip Chanell

“Before you leave the burrow, look in the mirror and take at least one acorn out of your mouth.”


#7 Anne Of Sleeves

Anne Of Sleeves

“Never hire an excellent portrait artist. At least not when your neck is on the line.”


#8 Leif Roverson

Leif Roverson

Many dogs mark their territory, however, no marking has been as epic as his.


#9 Mary Smelly

Mary Smelly

Best known for her gothic novel “Skunkenstien”… a tale of roadkill reanimation.


#10 King Tutankhameaow

King Tutankhameaow

“Nothing is worse than being stuck in a tomb for thousands of years with pesky mice you cannot eat.”


#11 Slothesphine Baker

Slothesphine Baker

“Bananas are not just for eating, they are also for wearing.”


#12 Dog Sinatra

Dog Sinatra

“That’s Why the Poodle is a Tramp” & “It was a Very Good Rear” were some of this bad boy’s big hits.


#13 Queen Bess Emu

Queen Bess Emu

Anything can be accomplished. Even flight with no wings.



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