10 Loud House Characters and How They Would Look All Grown Up


The Loud House by Nickelodeon has been by far the most popular animated series of 2017 and 2017. Created by animator and incredible comic illustrator Chris Savino, the Loud House is an American animated series meant for television viewing. The series follows the chaotic life of a young lad named Lincoln who is the middle child and only son of the Loud household. Set in an imaginary town in Michigan, called Royal Woods, based loosely on Savino’s own hometown Royal Oak, the Loud family wreaks havoc left, right and center with its large family featuring eleven children. Yes, you heard us right, eleven children.


In 2013, the series was originally pitched to Nickelodeon as a two-minute film to be entered in a short film competition called Animated Shorts Program. The series was loved by the production house and was consequently given a thumbs up for production right away. Following its speedy production, the first two episodes of this soon to be famous show were premiered in April 2016 on the official website of the channel. The show officially premiered in May and ever since its initial release, two seasons have come out with the third being under development right now.

Episodes for this uber popular show are produced right at home, in the Nickelodeon Animation Studio situated in Burbank, California under the expert eye of the Canadian animation maestros Jam FIlled Entertainment. The series is loosely based on Chris Savino’s own life, drawing inspiration from his own experience of growing up in a large family. It also features Savino’s fascination with comic strips, as can be seen in the animation of the series.


Production house Paramount Pictures, coupled with Nickelodeon Movies, announced that The Loud House will soon be hitting theatres near you as soon as February 2020, with a theatrical adaptation of the hugely successful series. The Loud House series has been successful ever since its debut, and rose up charts to become the number one animated show on air on American television within just one month of its release. Since that, the shoe has accumulated critical acclaim coupled with widespread attention. It has also been blessed with a nomination at the GLAAD Media Awards for generating awareness about same sex couples with its characters Howard and Harold McBride, supporting characters who are involved in a same sex relationship. The show is a testament to diversity and as a result, has also been featured on the front cover of Variety, to commemorate the cultural and ethnic diversity it imparts into the world of television.

Let us explore the main characters featured in this hit TV series, along with a glimpse of how they would look all grown up! You might notice how we have not introduced Lily Loud, the youngest of the bunch, in this list. That is only because we want to see the adorable toddler grow up by herself.Lisa Loud


The second youngest of the pack of 11, Lisa Loud, is known by all as an extremely exceptional child. The 4 year old is nothing short of a child prodigy with a PhD and a Nobel prize under her belt in spite of still being in kindergarten. Her smartness is further enunciated by the fact that in her free time, she enjoys solving complex mathematical problem and performing intricate experiments, often using her siblings as test subjects. She wears circular eye glasses, speaks with a lisp, laughs maniacally and is devoid of emotions, making her the evil scientist figure of the show, albeit a very cute one.


Lola Loud


Lola Loud is definitely the beauty queen of the family, a typical pageant queen likely to be found on shows the likes of Toddlers and Tiaras. Her missing teeth do nothing to curb her star like behavior, and the bratty girly girl can be seen scheming and plotting her way through life like a true diva. Grown up Lola looks like Lola, except with teeth and insanely long blonde hair. She looks set to run her own reality show, with her flowy pink dress!

 Lana Loud


We can’t talk about Lola without mentioning her completely opposite twin sister Lana. It is hard to believe that these two are related, much less twins. You might not believe it, but the character of Lana is based directly on one of Chris Savino’s own sisters! While Lola prefers to dress up like an absolute princess in her all pink outfits, Lana is more of a tomboy who loves to get her hands dirty and enjoys playing around. She is also surprisingly good at plumbing and fixing pretty much anything that is broken.

Lucy Loud


Lucy Loud is one of the most diverse, yet relatable characters on this show. This little sarcastic and pessimistic is an accurate representation of the goth phase we have all been in. Dressed in all black, she sports long bangs that cover her eyes. A hairstyle most of us are guilty of having at one point or another in high school. She is known to walk quietly and scare her siblings by appearing out of thin air. One of her most interesting attributes is saying sigh instead of actually sighing. Spirit animal alert!

Lincoln Loud


It is hard not to feel bad for Lincoln Loud. Having 10 sisters is a feat not many young men could live through. Moreover, the fact that his best friend is in love with one of his sisters doesn’t really help his case by much. Lincoln can’t seem to catch a break. However, not everything is bad in his world. Lincoln actually does wish for 10 brothers in one episode, only to realize that his sisters were actually a better deal! In case you’re wondering about his white hair and wide front teeth, the show was actually imagined as a show featuring rabbits as the main characters! Even without that detail, the stress of having 10 sisters is enough to make anyone’s hair go white prematurely!

Lynn Loud


Next in line in the Loud family tree is Lynn Loud. Unlike the rest of her siblings, Lynn is the sporty kind. The fifth oldest child is actually named her father and loves turning everything into a competition. Her being super competitive annoys the rest of her family, making it easy for her to get everyone’s nerves. She keeps getting in fights with the family, involving loud confrontations and lots and lots of competitions.

Luan Loud

Nauticalpudding via deviantart

Luan Loud, the 14 year old, is definitely one of the shows top favorites with her unique personality. Always dressed in cheery yellow outfits, her nickname should be the queen of bad jokes and cringe worthy puns on account of her jokester character. In spite of being terrible, her jokes really do keep us laughing and this prankster is definitely one to look out for on April Fools Day! Older Luan looks as hilarious as her younger counterpart, making us happy that she never lost her spark.

Luna Loud

Nauticalpudding via deviantart

While we might not be allowed to choose favorites, it is safe to say that Luna is a definite favorite on the show. We do love all characters on the show, but there is just something about Luna that makes her stand out from the rest. This 5 year old has a passion for rock music and references rock songs in every episode. While she is very carefree, often slipping to a British accent, she is also very emotionally dependable and is always there to support her siblings. It looks like the rock never left Luna, as can be seen from a picture featuring older Luna. She looks just as cool older as she did when she was a teenager!

Leni Loud

Nauticalpudding via deviantart

Next in line is the sixteen year old Leni Loud. Leni Loud is a typical teenager, often being very naive and ditzy. However, in spite of her gullible character, she is very caring towards her siblings. She is one of the dumbest characters on the show, but she makes up for her brains by being exceptionally kind. She is also pretty easy going except in front of spiders and insists she suffers from Arachnophobia. We would criticise her but we totally get it. Who isn’t scared of spiders? The older version of Leni looks the same except a little upgraded in terms of fashion. So Leni!

Lori Loud

Nauticalpudding via deviantart

Lori Loud, the eldest of the bunch, stays true to her place in the family tree by being incessantly bossy. Being the only Loud child with a driver’s license, she fully exploits her siblings dependance on her and bosses them around. The sarcastic, easily triggered and cynical teenager fits perfectly in the mould of the typical older child. Having a boyfriend named Bobby and using literally in most of her sentences does not really help her case.

Maybe she should switch places with Leni, her younger sister, who is definitely more of the over protective kind. She is also the one Lincoln’s best friend, Clyde McBride, has a crush on. Maybe the fans were taking revenge for her degrading behavior because she is the only one in this list that actually downgraded instead of upgrading. The older version of Lori is actually disheveled and pregnant!


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