These Powerful Photos Will Change The Way You Look At Humans


Photographers have an eye to capture the world from a different angle and provide a different perspective to see things. Every event after passing through their camera lens has the power to change the way we look at the world. They capture all emotions and many a times reach the dreariest corners, even where the human eye is afraid to set foot in.

These photos will surely leave an unfading impression on your mind. Influential is the word for these photographs. Photography is an art of observation. It is a universal language. Moreover, photographs are only a witness of this artful world.

Get ready to give a treat to your conscience. Go on, take your cameras out and capture this beautiful world with your eyes.

Can you guess why are these dads so happy?


It’s not for their kids! They are happy because they can marry each other now. This thrill on their faces was because Minnesota legalized gay marriage in 2013. To your amazement, around 1600 gay couples got married in the first month of this announcement. Beautiful capture!

Look at her eyes!


Nepal. Yes, this beauty is from the land of Nepal. Her green eyes have captured the attention of the whole world. This landlocked neighbor of India is home to the highest mountain peak of the world, the Mount Everest. Not impossible, but there are bleak chances that people from Nepal or China will have green eyes.

Upside-down. Wowww


Swing dance. Lindy Hop is the most famous of swing dances. This photo captures the essence of this out-of-box dance style. God, save the girl and give enough strengths in the guy’s arms.

What are those spikes?


This young chap was thrilled to touch the spikes on the jacket of this Punk rocker during a gay parade in Brussels, in Belgium. When the kid’s father called him, he bid the rocker a goodbye kiss. Nice capture from the photographer.



This photograph has attempted to capture the culture of India through the festival of Holi and its celebration. Forgetting differences and overcoming social barriers and boundaries, this festival is celebrated all across India and Nepal, in the month of March. It is celebrated to welcome Spring and in the hope of a good agricultural reap.

Bruno Morandi


Often referred to as ‘A photographer of all beautiful things,’ Bruno has captured this enticing picture. This photo is from Nepal. Bruno started his photography career at the age of 28 only. He generally captures in Nepal, Tuscany, and India. This tea reaper will be glad to have been captured so well. Bruno has also worked as a guide in the mountain ranges.

What did I just see?


A kid at the soon to breakout rally in Georgia. Todd Robertson, the photographer of this amazing capture looked for something different and unlike others of his profession took this photo of a child who went up to the African American officer and touches his shield. Superb timing Todd, I must say. He captured this photo just before the kid’s mother could snatch him away. Soon to become one of the famous photos in America.

Burst of Joy.


Perfect time of capture of the photographer Slava Veder. He has captured the reunion of Lt. Colonial Robert Stirm with his family after returning from captivity, from the America and Vietnam War, in 1973. This photo has won the Pulitzer Award for showing the raw human emotion. But, it failed to show the separation of Robert and his wife. Thus, the photograph is not as happy as it seems to the world.

Heartfelt tribute.


Nancy Dinovo, the famous violinist paid tribute to the three thousand people who died in the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Her wet eyes and ‘from the heart performance’ made everyone’s eyes wet in the Church Cathedral in Vancouver. Photographer Christopher Morris captured this still as America struggles to overcome the horrors of the attack.

Can’t take my eyes off her!


This German model’s killer looks are a big distraction for all of us. She is Jeneil Williams, who is a fitness freak and always wanted to become a model. She has become famous for her looks and now works with clients like H&M and Vogue. Her boldness since her childhood when she walked into the Pulse Headquarters, won her the break and success.

Female soldier?


Yes, you are right. She is from Iraq. Scotty the lucky photographer has managed to capture this rare shot when a young girl went to meet her out of curiosity. It’s bewildering to see a female doing the job of a soldier. The brave is also not wearing the helmet because she wanted to build trust among the villagers. Courageous!

She is soo cute.


A young girl at a festival in the Meiju Jingu Shrine in Tokyo, Japan. She is wearing a kimono. The festival celebrates growth of children and prays for a bright future of them.

What is he doing?


Kindness personified. This is a 1952 picture where this sergeant Frankl Praytor feeds a kitten with the medicine dropper and watered down canned milk, during the Korean War. This still is titled as The Marine and The Kitten. *Empathy*

What do you think these monks are doing? Praying?


It is a misconception that 1,00,000 monks are praying together for world peace in this photo. According to the Foreign Policy magazine this photo is of a mass celebration in Thailand. Thus, the photographer, Luke Duggleby has rightly said “a photograph must always be accompanied by an explanation, and if that explanation is incorrect, misleading or a total lie then the image becomes something that it’s not. With social media it is possible to access so many people very quickly that could be a very dangerous thing.”

Stop him!


Le Petit Parisien is the name of this still taken in 1952 by Willy Ronis. This photo says that the boy may have stolen the bread from a bakery and is running. But, it is not so in reality. He happily carries that bread which he bought with his grandmother after standing in a long queue. He is so adorable.

She’s smoking?


But there is no smoke to be seen. Huh, it’s a smoke candy. Sally Mann captured this photo in 1989. Can you recall your childhood days when you used to smoke these candies in order to imitate your elders? These candies were more for than for taste, ever! But this little girl’s look is just mind-blowing.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)


This picture shows a man who gladly shows his AA chip to the camera. AA was founded in 1935 by Bob Wilson and Bob Smith to free people from the vices of alcohol addiction. It is still active today to sober up the world. The chip is a yardstick of how far the alcoholics have come from their addiction. Long way to go AA.

Music of love


This photo has captured humanity in the best possible form. Titled as the Music of Love, this shot displays a man playing a bamboo flute to a disabled child. And this child is not the man’s son. Thus all he wanted to do was to make the boy happy despite his disability. It was taken in 2010 in the Tenganan village of Bali by Ario Wibisono.

Opposites together!


An albino and his cousin snuggle together. Two worlds in the same bed. An extremely rare capture, I must say. Albinism is calculated to occur in 1 in 17,000. It is a condition in which there is no pigmentation in the skin. This is dangerous as the person suffering may develop skin burns and is susceptible to skin cancer.

Free falling. Someone please save him.


The Falling Man, did the man jump or fell from the building? His identity is still unknown. This photo is about the horrors people went through during the 9/11 terror attack. Richard Drew luckily captured this photo, which looks as if the man is skydiving.

A legitimate question!


Can war be fought with flowers? Hope World War III happens with flowers. Marc Riboud, an award-winning photographer shot this photo, which is named La Jeune Fille a la Fleur. This photo showcases a young woman placing a photo on the bayonet of a Pentagon guard. This was captured on October 21 in 1967. This is a photo which yells for nonviolence.

Marc Riboud, an award-winning photographer, captured this image titled La Jeune Fille a la Fleur, which showcases a young woman, Jane Rose Kasmir, placing a flower in the bayonet of a Pentagon guard on October 21st, 1967. This photo became one of the symbols of the Flower Power movement.

Lucky lad!


He survived the horrors of one-year long Kosovo War. Two-year-old Agim Shala was abducted by the KLA among other children and women, but fortunately, his grandparents rescued him successfully. But hapless others could make alive out of the camp.

Photography- the art of capturing the world in still shots. Share your influential stills here. Happy Photography!
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