24 Pregnancy Photos That Actually Are Very Awkward


Pregnancy shoots are a fad among couples, these days. The obsession with it has risen to such heights that people are searching for the quirkiest ways to get photographed. From hilarious to being awkward to being fun or cute, the pregnancy shoots are a trend that doesn’t seem to fade.

Call them fiddly, but they are fun for the couple. Pregnancy shoots have a way to form a better bond between the couple. The feeling of welcoming the little bundle/s of joy and also someone else between the lovey-dovey couple is a mixed one.

Space is shared and also the time and attention. But the feeling of becoming a mother or a father is one-of-its-kind. It is about happiness, about excitement, about love, and about completeness. It is a time when the mother needs the strength for the beautiful changes occurring in her body. Not to forget the emotional changes, the mood swings she undergoes.

A protector who is…


..standing tall for is wife and the unborn kid.

This is how the cutie-pie must be…


Wondering how will that be…



Wondering, why this is so?



The air is soon to be sucked!



Now that’s funny!



A cute one, on a horseback.obnbh791nhsbh1xbryr8


Does that tickle?



Adorable captures: ekzloxkkoxcwn1vgy3c6


‘Cause love is all we need.



When the elder one is…vte4qwqe6bxjtjs2wy1w


He wants to basket this ball!



Maybe that’s the best canvas for his art…qdomlpnfehmgqsxn1y74


Can’t stop laughing at this one.



Surely not awkward, but deep in love.f3dkicbrxr0mzb8es8m9


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