Embarrassing Airport Pickup Signs That Were Impossible To Miss


Hurtling on a plane for hours and hours is usually exhausting. Not to mention standing in line, waiting to claim your baggage when all you can think of is a warm bed and a home-cooked meal. There is, however, an awesome way to make arrivals the best part of anybody’s trip, and it involves going to an airport with a sprinkle of creativity.

We collected some of the most unforgettable airport greeting signs that were definitely noticed by everyone in the arrivals hall to give you some inspiration for picking up your beloved ones. From a baby waiting to meet his parent for the first time to a family welcoming mom from prison, these personalized banners were full of feels or comedy. Scroll down to take a peek for yourself and upvote your favorite ones!

#1 May The 4th Be With You. Darth Vader Arriving At DIA


#2 My Friend Just Got Home From A Trip. This Was Her Family Greeting Her At The Airport


#3 Cole Tesar, A Soldier From Bellevue, Got Hom. His Baby Girl-He Has Never Met-Was Waiting For Him With This Sign


#4 My Friend’s Daughter Just Flew By Herself For The First Time. This Was How He Greeted Her At The Airport


#5 Embarrassed The Wife At The Airport In Front Of Several Coworkers And Her Boss. She Loved It


#6 When Your Mate Says He’ll Pick You Up From The Airport On Christmas Eve


#7 Kid Made A Sign For Grandma And Grandpa’s Arrival. It’s Getting A Lot Of Smiles At The Airport While We Wait


#8 This Family At The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport


#9 How I Greet My Straight Friends At The Airport (I Never Got A Straight Answer)


#10 Welcome Home



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