18 Hilarious Pinterest Fails Ever

We all love the world of creativity and ideas that Pinterest offers us. Be it a cartoon birthday cake or a two-minute hairstyle, Pinterest certainly has it all.


We all love the world of creativity and ideas that Pinterest offers us. Be it a cartoon birthday cake or a two-minute hairstyle, Pinterest certainly has it all. Most of us follow Pinterest and admire the alluring crafts and unique ideas created there. In the present era of creativity, we all try to become outstanding at certain things in our way. Some try this creativity, and they succeed in it, whereas, some fails do not even match the half of the level. But, those who reach the perfection leave the world of art. And those who reach the stairs of perfection are the one who is calm at the times of failure and silently practice more and more to particularly nail the thing they’ve been working on.

Pinterest is a place from where everyone gets inspiration from almost every kind of art form. It doesn’t limit itself only up to birthday cakes or hairstyles, in fact, it is the absolute powerhouse of ideas on photography, sculpting, graphic designing, industrial design and even cooking. Once we go through the ideas given on Pinterest, we start assuming them to be pretty easy, but when we try to implement them the thought of them being easy just vanishes in seconds.

I still believe that Pinterest provides us with bazillion ideas and innovations on a daily basis but at times, it goes overboard. I personally feel, not everything on it turns to be technically correct and accurate. Sometimes, the ideas presented on Pinterest are not everyone’s cup of tea, and those who try to do the same are left with wastage of resources, money, time and effort. And especially, are left with broken hearts. So, it’s better to do the things that are meant for you and not always running behind the things that are not intended for you.

Trying out various DIY projects on Pinterest can be fun, but there will be times when they will not turn out exactly as expected. These people tried their best to nail the DIY projects but, unfortunately, they failed so hard that they almost passed it!

1. Sprinkle but not at all sexy!

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Not every glossy stuff can attract you. Especially, this sprinkles on her lips may leave you with the barfing condition but, not at all at the height of uttering a word, wow. Girl, I appreciate your effort but, bad luck. Better luck next time, dear.

2. What a mess!


This cake is looking more like shit than a cake. I don’t know in which condition you were making it, but don’t tell me that you got inspired by your own poop. It would have been better if you had asked your mother to do the honor of making the exact sour patch cake for you. But, well tried, dude, hope you don’t repeat the same boo-boo for the next time.

3. Horrendous DIY fail ever!


Hey whosoever you are, you pulled my jaw down with fright. Hey, wait, I’m not talking about the mini Pinterest monster, I’m talking about this guy’s re-made creature.


4. Holiday themed projects are always fun to do until your baby cooperates!


5. The epic blunder!



6. The colorful disaster!



7. A bit more attention and this could have been easily avoided.uwtwvmny3h8dihk475nz

8. I feel bad for the dad!



9. Looks like a child tried it.



10. All loosened up!



11. Creepy Santa heads



12. It looks like somebody sat on it!



13. Such a chaos!



14. You totally nailed it, dude!



15. The little messed up mermaid.


16. What the hell happened here!


17. The bloated up monster!


18. The girl with the sad bow!




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