The ‘Girlfriend Vs Other Girl’ Meme Just Got A Huge Twist Ending


By now you’ve almost definitely seen the girlfriend vs other girl meme that’s been doing the rounds on the internet lately. If you haven’t, it looks like this…

It’s essentially the funny use of a really stupid and fairly sexist stock image that otherwise would get no attention (although I’m almost certain I’ve used that in an article about cheating).
But as people soon found out, the image was part of series. He’s literally just a bad bloke…

So he’s constantly leching over this women, even when he’s proposing. What a scumbag, right?
Well, it goes even deeper than that, because apparently the girlfriend wants a slice too!

So the women eventually end up together!
Who saw that coming. The is proper M. Night Shyamalan-esque shit.
But that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to know exactly what happened. With that in mind, I studied the pictures and put them in the order that I think they happened in, accompanying them with the only things that could have been said and thought at the time…
It’s the only reasonable explanation.


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