Simplest Facial Yoga Exercises To Make Your Skin Shine Like A Glow Worm


We women, in particular, face a lot many skin problems which directly affects our skin tone and texture. We go bonkers for the fancy cosmetics available in the market for getting the beautiful and flawless skin. We even undergo surgeries and laser treatments without knowing their consequences. There is another way that will allure your skin and that’s called facial yoga. It can do wonders the face. Yoga has the power to relax your body, mind and make it stress-free.

On this International Yoga Day, try these six face moves and get rid of fine lines, blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines and other skin problems and make your skin healthy and glowing.

1. Eye and Forehead exercise.

Stretch your eyes till it starts watering, allow it to get the maximum white it can hold. The movement of muscles around eyes and forehead eliminates the negative effects of frowning.


2. Get Cheeky

Try this relaxing and contracting exercise, breathe in deeply and puff out your cheeks. Try it 5-6 times to improve your blood circulation and make your skin look better. It will also prevent skin from getting thinner.


3. Frown lines

Gently place your fingers on the forehead and widen your eyes. Make sure you don’t stretch your eyebrows. Slowly move your fingers in circular motion and hold it for a while and repeat the process.


4. Tap your cheeks

Gently tap the fingers on your cheeks, make sure you don’t tap it hard as cheeks are very sensitive. The tapping exercise will strengthen the facial muscles and make it fuller. Try this exercise so that the muscles doesn’t become loose and limp.


5. Smile as hard as possible.

To prevent your face and neck skin from getting crumpled, smile as hard as possible and pretend as if you are chewing. This exercise will make your skin look younger and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.


6. Relaxing Exercise

Calm down your body and mumble “OM” inside your mind, just try to focus on the point between the eyebrows. It will give you inner peace and relax your body.


Watch the video to see the facial exercises.


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