7 Dumbest Things Kids Do To Get High That Will Fill You With Anger


Teenage drug abuse studies show that teenagers get high with anything they get hands on. People all around the world are finding dumb and stupid ways to get high. So here’s the list of the craziest things people have done to get high. Do not get surprised if you find anything strange on this list. Only getting high is not the point, people should be aware of the consequences also.

While these substances may give you high, they will also leave you with some long-term consequences.

Vodka Eyeballing

Vodka eyeballing is a dangerous practice done by teenagers these days. It is more of a stupid thing than being a dangerous one but people still do it. It is the process of getting high by pouring vodka straight into the eyes and hundreds of videos of people doing this act were posted on youtube. This practice has even been showcased on movies like the 2000 comedy film “Kevin And Perry Go Large.” It can lead to visual defects and also complete blindness.



Recreational drug users looking for a cheap high often ingest large amounts of nutmeg. Nutmeg is reported to cause hallucinogenic effects, such as visual distortions and paranoid ideation. It takes around six hours for the effects to take over your body. The high is called the nutmeg high and it has mind-altering effects when it is ingested in large doses. The buzz caused by nutmeg can last for one or two days and can be hallucinogenic like LSD.



I-Dosing refers to stimulating specific mental states through the use of binaural beats. The I-Doser has had around a million downloads and is based on the audio technology of a GPL licensed binaural beat generator. The player can be downloaded for free and it comes with sample audio content. Additional audio content can be purchased. Lack of sleep is one of the common side effects of I-Dosing



Krokodil is a derivative of morphine with powerful and fast acting opioid effects. Dose by dose it is ten times more potent than morphine. Russia is the country where most of the Krokodil is used. Small amounts of Krokodil are highly addictive and the tolerance for the drug is also quick. The large volume of tissue infection is the main reason what gained the drug it’s nickname of the flesh-eating drug.



Inhale abuse which is commonly called huffing is the new trend among teenagers and they are trying everything they can get their hands on. Freon is the new substance for huffing and for those who don’t know will be surprised to know what it is. Freon is the gas used in your freezer and refrigerator to keep things cold. “It will kill you,” this is what air condition technician Lynn Morris replied when asked about Freon huffing. It’s just 5 seconds of high and that isn’t worth your life.



This is not the potpourri which your mother uses to spread the aroma instead it is the substance kids are using on the lines of synthetic marijuana. Potpourri is legal and is being sold openly on the streets. It smokes like marijuana,looks like marijuana, the price is same as marijuana, and the most important of it all is that it’s legal. Side effects of potpourri include convulsions, paranoia, and seizures.



While catnip is a stimulant for cats, it is relaxing for humans. We all know catnip as a plant which makes our cats more dumber. Catnip was an alternative to marijuana during the 1960s. Catnip ,whether smoked or taken orally causes relaxation and mild euphoria. Side effects of catnip include nausea, headache and people laughing at you.


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