Top 10 Female Rockstars Of 2016 Who Set The Stage On Fire


If you consider the music industry currently, you would find many good looking faces in it. But are they even talented? How can good looks be effective when you’re going for a music career?

That’s not the case with these gorgeous young ladies who have taken the industry by storm with their talent and looks.

1. Ginger Sling

She was the former bass player for the band, Smashing Pumpkins, Her performance was definitely jaw-dropping while she working with the band from 2007 until 2010. Born as Ginger Reyes, she stayed with the band until 2010 but never appeared on any of their covers. She might start her solo career soon, and we can’t wait.


2. Jenny Lewis

She was in the music scene with Rilo Kiley when she entered the industry in 1998. Until then, she’d been busy working with the band and also tried on a few TV sitcoms as an actress. The young musician stuck to her music career along with Rilo Kiley and then started working on her solo album after they split up. Since 2011, she’s been on her own and she’s doing amazing work.


3. Kita Alexander

This Australian newcomer has set our hearts on fire with her newest track “Like You Want To”. This 19-year-old offers soulful lyrics and heartfelt music to her tracks along with a touch of innocence. Who wouldn’t like that?


Listen to her track ‘Like You Want To’ here.


4. Adi Ulmansky

Hailing from Jerusalem, this beauty is a triple threat because she produces, writes and raps her own music. She brings out her roots to the public by presenting her cultural ideas in her sultry R&B music. Her latest single “Pink Pillz” will blow your mind


5. ZZ Ward

She’s been in the fusion genre of music for a few years now. ZZ Ward just wrapped up her Love & War tour and she promises to give the audience some blues along with heart-wrenching lyrics.


Here’s the track ‘365 Days’ by ZZ Ward.


6. Little Simz

Belonging to the UK, Little Simz is an artist in every form. At the age of just 9, she discovered her love for music and started to perform in local clubs. As she grew, the singer started collaborating with many artists in the industry. Currently, this 22-year-old is working with many artists and has a great deal in her kitty.


You can check out her music here.


7. Mizan K

Raised in Ethiopia, Mizan found interest in music at the age of 7 when she started taking piano lessons. She moved to NYC to pursue her music career. Mizan is multi-talented and she’s tried her hand at many genres namely jazz, folk, and even blues. There’s nothing that this beauty can’t do.


8. Elliphant

Thie gorgeous Swedish-born singer can rap and rhyme like nothing else. She’s tried various genres including jazz, R&B, hip-hop, dance and electro. You can check out some of her songs on iTunes.


9. Du Blonde

Beth Jeans Houghton or Du Blonde brings a very ballad-y taste to the generic rock vocals. Her first album, Back To Milk, has one of the powerful vocals with intoxicating drum beats.


Here’s her track ‘Hunter’.


10. Liz

From Los Angeles, Liz gives you Britney Spears, Madonna and Christina Aguilera-type vibes with her pop vocals. She started auditioning and performing at the age of 13 and she was also signed by Diplo for an imprint.


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