15 Unknown Secrets A Woman Never Tells Her Man


Yes, there are some secrets that women hide from men. Did you ever figure out one? No, right? Because women are too smart to keep those secrets with them and too witty to let even her man know!

But, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They love you the most and are jubilant to be with you. However, at the end of the day, they are women first and your girlfriend or life partner later! She will look into your eyes and tell you that she loves you the most. But some secrets are there and will forever be a mystery for guys.

Don’t get disheartened, we just figured out some of the most interesting and common facts that your women might just be hiding from you.

We gossip with our girlfriends more than, we admit it to you.

But don’t worry, your darkest secrets are safe with us.


We are commitment phobic too.

People think that being commitment phobic is just a guy thing. But, the word commitment is our nightmare too!


We want you to be possessive but, only a little please!

We hate over possessiveness.


The shopping secret

Everything we have shopped, whether it is clothes, shoes or cosmetics, they have usually costed us 20% more than we told you. And apparently we can’t stop ourselves from shopping more luxury products.


We don’t want to become your mother.

Even that thought gives us goosebumps! So, don’t even provoke us to become one. We will care for you, help you with all your problems, and stand by you as your life partner.


We do fantasize about hot celebrity guys but, apparently we don’t want you to become like them.

We love the way you are. So just be yourself!


Yes, we hide our past party pictures from you.

And we have our own reasons for doing that.


At times, we are too shy to share our erotic thoughts with you!

We are modish yet shy sometimes.


When we say, When we say, I am ready, we actually need exactly seven minutes more to get perfectly ready.

Now, don’t try to cheat by showing up seven minutes later because then we will still need an extra seven minutes!


Sometimes we really don’t like the freakish haircut you get.

But, we still say that it is looking good on you because, it has been already done and now, you can not do anything much about it.


To be frank, we still think about our ex-boyfriends and compare them to you.

But what matter is that mostly you win!


You have made us cry many more times than you will ever know.

And we hide that from you so that you don’t feel bad about it.


We are modern and independent, but still we want you to be

And we totally love the way you protect us from all the bad things in the world.


Yes, we like our male co-worker’s good looks.

But we don’t feel anything for them.


In the end, if we do tell our secrets to you, please try to understand them.

And love us even more for sharing them with you.


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