British People Are Sharing Fake Facts On Twitter And It’s Hilarious


Twitter’s a funny old thing. You spend a lot of your time scrolling through it, despairing for humanity as the battle rages on between actual Nazis and… vegans, and then the rest of it seems to be comedians whose only platform is Twitter, making average jokes and getting tens of thousands of retweets.
I say the rest of it, every now and then a hashtag will come along and break the monotony. Usually they’re things like ‘#ExplainAFilmPlotBadly, where users copy jokes they read in a CollegeHumor article and get a silly amount of likes. But this time it’s ‘#AwfullyBritishFakeFacts’.
Before we get into it, I have an issue or two with the name of this hashtag.
There’s a common trend amongst football fans that Arsenal supporters are the worst and most cancerous group on the web. The thing is, I’m an Arsenal fan, and I totally agree. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely resent Tottenham fans, but only a bit more than I resent Arsenal fans. They’re just that bad. Nowadays, I feel the same way about British people on Twitter. Despite being a British Twitterer myself, I’m starting to feel resentful of those people who allow being British to be their one and only defining quality.
Saying “awfully” in a Twitter trend doesn’t make it British; it makes it twee and shit – I blame Very British Problems for all of this. Secondly, the trend was created to have a little bit of fun with people who aren’t from Britain, tricking them into believing things that aren’t true… GET IT?! So what the fuck is the word “fake” doing there? It’s like pranking someone but prefacing it with “I’m going to lie now, with the hope that I get a rise out of you“. Utterly pointless.
Anyway, here’s the tweets. They’re actually quite good, all things considered…

















Haha it’s funny because we like queuing and tea!


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