22 Of The Funniest ‘Roses Are Red’ Poems On The Web


Everyone loves a ‘roses are red’ poem, don’t they? Even though the latter half is a fundamental lie, they’re sweet little things to say. The lie of course being “violets are blue”. They’re not. Violets have the privilege of having a whole colour named after them – you know, violet – and yet we still elect to call them blue so it can rhyme with “I love you”.
Lazy writing, if you ask me – a “writer”.
Luckily with the advent of millennials, Twitter and memes, the second line of the poem has largely been dispensed with, to make way for a much funnier latter half.
You’ll have seen them around; usually “Roses are red, [something that doesn’t belong in a poem], [weird news headline that rhymes]”.
They’re funnier in practice…






















Source: http://thehookmag.com


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