A Man Adopted These 9 Simple Tricks And Lived Happily Ever After


A man has many things to get occupied with… his business, family problems and other such things. But a lady has her whole world within his man and awaits for his appreciation. By the way, who doesn’t like being appreciated? Therefore, it is good to take full advantage of all forms of communication.

Since females are simple, they are easy to please with small words of acknowledgement. If a man adopts these very basic ways, their partner-in-crime will surely feel on cloud nine. Also, these will help them in strengthening their relationship.

1. You are beautiful.

Do you know why I started with this first? Because no matter how obese or unattractive your lady might be, hearing that you find her beautiful will not only make her day but fill her with evergreen contentment. And don’t forget to complement her with this on the right moments like when she wakes up, she comes out of the shower, or after having sex.


2. You have a good sense of humor.

Not all girls have a good sense of humor but if your girl has it… then say it right away! Even I love being appreciated on my jokes. And I am telling you frankly, this thing makes me feel the happiest because it’s like having the edge over other girls. You should let her know that you have a girl which not everybody is lucky enough to have.


3. You are very creative and talented.

Every girl wants to hear that you appreciate her for the qualities she possesses. If she talks in her senses and mature… do let her know that she is intelligent and not like other girls.


4. You are very caring.

Although all girls have that motherly touch in her care, not every girl shows it. But if your lady does not fail to take care of you in every aspect, then she surely deserves your appraisal. And, if you say her that she’s very caring then she will start loving you more than ever.


5. You are hot.

Lol! Which female would not want to hear that? Do you still find your lady as hot as she was in the college when you fell for her? Even if she has put on some weight, don’t let her feel that she’s any less hot.


6. You have an amazing dressing sense.

Everybody knows that how much clothes matter for girls and if she’s appreciated for her dressing sense, then she will surely be on cloud nine. Afterall, it’s you only for whom she takes hours to get ready.


7. I am proud of you.

If your lady has made sacrifices for you or even not that, even if she has had achievements, just let her know that you acknowledge her efforts and talent. She will feel great after listening to this.


8. You cook great.

This is not gender specific by the way. I would say that even my father loves appreciation when he makes tea for the family. So, the females who spend almost half of her day in the kitchen, cooking delicious food for the whole family, it’s not a big deal to compliment her for the food she cooks. Even if she’s not a good cook, your compliment will act as a motivation for her.


9. Marrying you was the wisest decision.

Letting her know that you are lucky to have her in your life is the biggest of all the compliments.
If she knows that she’s important and precious to you, she will leave nothing to make your life a heaven.


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