Amazing Facts About Human Vision Vs. Animal Vision


Our sense of vision is our most powerful and amazing tool and every powerful and fascinating thing has several unfolded mysteries behind it.

So did you ever wonder, how many amazing facts can this tool carry along? If this tool had a different texture of sight? If our vision was not the only kind of vision through which our beautiful earth can be seen? Can there be any other colors apart from those that we see? Well, now is the time to solve these new mysteries.

We have prepared a list of animals that have different vision from us. Not only in the terms of colors, but it also involves the motion of objects around them and some other animal unusual behaviors regarding their eyesight.

Hope you’ll be able to expand your knowledge.

Humans Vs Dogs:

Our most loyal friend can’t even actually see most of the colors of this beautiful world. A dog’s vision is restricted to the color tone that involves browns, yellows and blues. They have a fantastic night vision, but it lacks many colors.



The vision of cat is a lot more similar to the vision of a dog. They are also bound to see the color tone with browns, yellows and blues, and their side view is blurry. Still, they are captive and are able to observe fast and distinct movements. Also, as a plus point to their eye safety, they have inner eyelids.


Humans Vs Birds:

Our flying friends are capable of seeing colors that we can only imagine about. Birds also don’t see the world like we do, but they actually see the world in a more refined way as they have access to the vision of UV (ultraviolet) lights and colors.


Humans Vs Flies:

These tiny flying creatures have hundreds of thousands of tiny lenses. They are capable of seeing UV lights, colors and see motion at 120 frames per second. Wow! Isn’t it AWESOME? No doubt their movements are so fast and quick.


Humans Vs Snakes:

Apart from the fact that snakes don’t have ears to listen, snakes also cannot see colors like we see, instead they observe and see heat signatures of a body or a thing. This capability is best during the night.


Humans Vs Sharks:

You’ll be amazed to know that sharks believe more in their smelling abilities rather than in their vision, as sharks cannot see any of the color tones except black and white.

Still, they have a very clear underwater vision, which helps them hunt.


Humans Vs Fishes:

By now everyone knows fishes don’t have eyelids. You don’t? Oh, Crap! Search it then.

What I am telling you is, fishes extensively receive the natural ultra-violet colors. But when it comes to the vision of normal colors, fishes can only see tonnes of red, green and blue. Great

Humans Vs Rats:

This is the most interesting vision story of the pest popularly known as ‘Stuart little’. Rats can perform separate rotation of their eyeballs and watch movements relatively slower than us. Although they are color blind to red and their vision is blurry, their ability to see slower frame rate of vision helps them move quickly.

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