Student Offered A Rent-Free Flat As Long As She Agrees To Landlord’s Creepy Conditions


My landlord is always on my back. They’re oddly protective too, always tell me I’m drinking too much, that I’m wasting my time with a particular girl or I’m not doing enough with myself. I’d find a new place but I’ve got a pretty sweet deal going on at the house… that being said, I should probably move out of my parents’ house soon.
Erin Clark, 19, from Scotland had no such luck when she had to find a place to stay for her study period in Paris. The hunt wan’t going too well for her after she posted on social media, looking for a place.
That was until Francis got in touch. He had the perfect house for her and what’s more, it was free of charge. Sounds suspicious, right? That’s because it was.
Whilst the rent was free of monetary charge, it seems Francis had a system where tenants pay in favours, or “conditions” as he had it.
No, not sex. Weirder and creepier, somehow…

So yeah, bit weird.
He wants to lick her feet from time to time and for her to make sure his chastity belt remains locked. Incidentally, the chastity belt looks like this…

Very, very odd.
The thing is though, a free flat in Paris. You have to weigh up the pros and cons, don’t you. It’s difficult, really. So long as nothing illegal’s involved, I couldn’t care less what turns people on and if there was a guy offering me a house in London for a lick on the feet and the condition that I hold on to a key, I’d give it a think.
I think the main problem is that we wouldn’t have anything in common. After he’s done licking my feet (something I don’t want, by the way), I couldn’t really look him in the eye and say “so what do you think of Arsenal’s chances this season?” His fetish would throw me off – the dynamic wouldn’t work, which is a shame because rent is fucking extortionate.
Erin told the Daily Mail:

“I thought it was like so convenient and almost too perfect when he was offering a room. I told my mum I’d finally found somewhere and then received the foot message, and had to tell her it was like a bad area and not suitable.”


And then you told the world the truth, Makes sense.



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