At First They Thought They Were Saving A Dying Street Dog, What They Discovered Later…


This dog was found to be wandering over the streets of California. There she got noticed by an animal rescue organization “Hope For Paws”. Further the tests reported about her skin disease and in the end, this homeless dog got recuperated.


#1 Julia, the roving dog

This stray dog was found wandering the roads of South Central in California.


#2 Hope For Paws spotted the dog

When the neighborhood got washed up, the dog Julia, was speckled by Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization. She was about to move towards the yard when Lisa from home of paws noticed Julia.


#3 Protection of the dog

The first thing the organization did was to protect the dog so that she doesn’t gets harmed by anything. Later they noticed her bad condition


#4 Outward aspect of dog

Lisa from Hope For Paws said that, “Julia had mature rope fixed over her neck indicated that someone owned her and overlooked her to a criminal level. Overall she looked rough.”


#5 Swollen from infections

According to Lisa, Julia suffered from infections, was bloated from it. She was oozing blood and pus from every part of her body.


#6 Wolf-dog Hybrid

Hope For Paws recognized that the dog was actually a wolf-dog hybrid.


#7 Check-up at Veterinary Care Center

The poor dog was taken to the Veterinary Care Center of Hollywood for examination and further treatment.


#8 Positive reports of tests

There at the center the pooch test results came positive showing that she suffered skin disease. And Julia was addressed with a bath, had her nails shaved and was nourished.


#9 Julia, healthy and cheerful now

Julia after love, care and proper treatment, she is now happy and strong pup.


#10 Love them as they just need your love

Animals like humans demand and deserve happiness and care, so don’t neglect them. Instead start loving them.


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