New Study Finds That Smart People Are More Likely To Fail Their Driving Test


If you’re in the category of people who tend to fail their driving tests, it could be that you’re just too darn smart to pass.
You clever little thing, you.
A study conducted by Privelege DriveXpert revealed these surprising results. The researchers questioned a sample of 1.564 British people with a full driver’s license and found that 59% people with no educational qualifications passed their test on the first attempt.
Only 50% of GCSE holders, 51% A-Level students and 48% of those with an undergraduate degree passed for the first time. All these numbers are significantly lower than the amount of people without qualifications who passed on their initial attempt.
Just 39% of business owners passed their first test, and, surprisingly, people in this group were also more likely to have taken their test on multiple occasions, after failing several times.
The study also found that those who are considered to be ‘creative’ are more likely to pass their test with fewer attempts. So, dont be ashamed of your interests in the Arts, people – you may not get a job quickly, but at least you’ll get your license faster than others (#SilverLining).
According to the study, people who took creative courses took an average of 1.9 times to pass their test, which is way more impressive than the 2.3 times it took for those who studied maths and science.
Of course, it should be considered that this sample of drivers might not be representative of every driver in Britain. Qualifications aren’t always the best measure of intelligence as well.
With that being said, however, if you are one of those people who just can’t seem to pass your driving test – this study might provide some comfort. It might not be that you’re a bad driver – maybe you’re just a genius.
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