Greedy Dog Munches Through Couple’s Wedding Cake Hours Before The Ceremony


I never had a dog growing up, and to this day I still hold it against my parents.
Because I never had a pooch – I never had the luxury of being able to say that the dog ate my homework – and instead had to be honest that it hadn’t been done because I was playing Call Of Duty all night.
That’s just one of the many benefits of having a dog – but on the flip side of that – there are going to be times when it chews up your favourite slippers and pisses all over your floor.
Well, imagine that on your wedding day, but instead of your slippers, it’s your beautiful £120 three-tier wedding cake.
That’s exactly what happened to one couple ahead of their big day, as two-year old black Labrador Bella managed to get her paws on their wedding cake and scoff through half of it.
The half-eaten cake was only discovered when bridesmaid Gemma Evans drove to her sister Donna’s house on the morning of the wedding. That’s when she was met with a guilty face and the leftovers of a chocolate sponge.
Gemma told The Chronicle:

“When I got there Donna’s face had dropped and I honestly thought they had called off the wedding.
We walked through to the kitchen and Bella had ruined the cake. Donna stated crying and we just didn’t now what to do.
It turned out Donna’s husband Liam had let the dog out at night but forgo to close her cage. It was all his fault.”

That’s it, blame it on the bloke.
In desperate need of a replacement (cake, not husband) the girls managed to scoot around County Durham, where eventually DH9 Café saved the day and baked them a cake in three hours.
What’s even funnier is that the happy couple had no idea about the drama until after the wedding, with Gemma deeming it best to not worry them before the big day.
Groom Scott Willis said:

“I had no idea. We got to the venue and after having our photographs we went up to the top table.
“Donna asked if I liked the cake and then told me it wasn’t ours. I couldn’t believe it when she said the dog ate it.”

Whilst you would have been pretty annoyed at the time, you just can’t stay angry at a pooch that gives you those puppy dog eyes, can you?
Has your dog ever been guilty of doing something similar? Let us know in the comments below! 


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