This 3-Day Technique To Poop Train Your Toddler Is The Most Amazing Way Ever


To be parents totally need to know this- it is not going to be easy! And one more thing, it is going to be worth it! That is the beauty of the miracle when a life takes birth and is to be brought up by soulmates. It involves a lot of toiling due to the fact that the newborn is new to the place and since you have been living here for a while now, you should give them some training like real seniors. That, and many other reasons why you are going to sweat a lot, and sleep will be a far-away dream to you. But, that smile on your baby’s face will surely take it all away.

One of the most tiresome job for parents is teaching their kid to poop at the right place because it involves a hell lot of pain if they do it anywhere they please. This 3-day-short training will make it easier for you, and teach you how to potty-train your young one in that short amount of time.

Not to make you anxious, but it will be tiring.

Those three days of training your child are going to be intensively demanding, but then will come the best part, and it will totally be worth taking the pains.


You will have to ignore everything else!

Woman in thoughts seated next to a washing machine
Woman in thoughts seated next to a washing machine

Just put your laundry and dishes away for those three days. Use disposables may be!


Say bye-bye to the nappy.


Instead of the nappy, tie a t-shirt around them.

Then, explain them fully to use the potty.


Make a trip to the potty after breakfast.


After every drink, take them to the potty.

Also, after every 20 minutes, yes, take them to the potty! This will train their mind to do it regularly.


Before going to the bed

Also, at the midnight hour. Make sure you set up an alarm for that.


At the end of three days, your child is totally trained.

Follow this, and you will rejoice at the results. Thank us later!


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