97-Year-Old Cries With Happiness After Getting Her Diploma


Margaret Thome Bekema, 97, couldn’t graduate from Grand Rapids Catholic Central High in 1936 like everyone else in her batch did. She was forced to quit her schooling midway to take care of her cancer-stricken mother and her siblings. Since, she was the eldest she had to take over the family but even during her high school years, she was a fun-loving kid with lots of friends. Now, 79 years later, she has received her diploma and she couldn’t be happier.


She almost burst into tears after receiving her graduation cap, 79 years later.


She was so excited on receiving an honorary high school diploma that she couldn’t contain her emotions.


Since she was supposed to leave school at 17 to take care of her family, her life was pretty tough, she says.

But finally she has got what she deserved for 79 years now.


The principal of the high school Greg Deja presented Bekema with her diploma.


To maintain the dignity of this wonderful student, the certificate of the diploma is dated back to the year she was supposed to graduate.


Margaret Thome Bekema, as her younger self in 1936.

Pretty, isn’t she?


She also received a school letter!


Take a look at her while she received the honorary diploma.


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