15 Hacks That You’ll Need When It’s The End Of The World

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One day this world might come to an end. And we need to be very ready for the circumstances that would happen at that time in order to survive the calamity. There are a few things that would help you to survive the end.

1. Light a crayon if you don’t have a candle

Crayons might be seen just as tools or pens used by children in order to colour their drawings, but they can also be used as candles when you run out of candles and require light at time of disaster. So, better save crayons.


2. Make your own toothpaste from baking soda

You might be able to make it past the zombies and are wandering the wilderness, yet don’t ever let periodontic disease murder you. Baking soda is the best alternative to clean things, so if you find any or have some, better keep it in reserve.


3. Doritos and Cheetos make great bonfire.

Junk foods are the most consumed food all over the world and are loved by all ages. It isn’t recommended on a regular basis but because of its taste people enjoy it most of the times. However, there is another use for these. They could make great bonfires when you need.


4. A fire can be lighted with anything

There might be no sources available in order to light a fire, not even cheetos or doritos, then you could use anything like a vasine, a pencil, etc


5. Camp stove from a soda can

Its very rare to happen in time of calamity, however, if you find a can of beans, you could make a meal for yourself by creating a self improvised camp stove.


6. Use plastic sheet to absorb water

When we watch the discovery channel or animal planet, we come across with instances when people find water from varied sources for survival. When the end comes, you might not find an origin of water, you could simply use a plastic sheet in order to capture the water from the surface.


7. A lemon and some coins could make a juice

There may come a time during the extremity when you would get thirsty but no water would be left for you to drink, not even with the plastic sheet. At this time if you have some change and a lemon, then you make yourself an electric juice.


8. Blisters are dealt with duct tape

When the end of the world will come close, you, like any other human being, would run away from it in order to escape. Duct Tape will help you to run even better by helping you dealing with blisters.


9. A compass out of a wristwatch

From a very young age, most of the people of the world tend to wear wristwatches. And as the age increases, the quality and the standards of the brands also increase with people wearing expensive watches like Rolex, Rado, etc. But another use of a wristwatch apart from showing time, is that it con be converted and used as a compass for directions.


10. A battery and steel wool becomes a lighter

In the end, you could come to a point when you would require light the most but won’t have the obvious resources for it. In this situation, you could use daily household usage things like a battery with steel wool.


11. Usage of leaves

The most useful and productive elements on this planet are leaves. Leaves can be used for many different purposes like as a bandage or as an insulation, or even as a rope. Different types of leaves have different usage with each having cure or treatment for some kind of wound.


12. Bras used as dust masks

In order to avoid the dust from getting inside the body and causing a respiratory illness, use bras to cover up your faces.


13. Soda can used to open padlocks

These cans could be used to open up the padlocks. It does take some time, but is very effective at the same time.


14. A dental floss or a snare

Another thing which doesn’t look so effective but is very helpful at the time of crisis is a dental floss. A dental floss could be used for various activities like tieing a knife to a pole, fishing, sewing, etc


15. Use salt water for bites and itches

It provides great reliefs to the wounds and leaves the victim in quick comfort. Salty water should be kept in handy as it also has many other uses.


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