Sword And Fire To Cut Your Hair: The Crazy Tale Of Hair Dressing


Who doesn’t want a smoking new haircut! But, what if the way of getting it is literally putting your hair on fire? Or…. Maybe getting your hair trimmed with a sword? Confused? Don’t be.

Alberto Olmedo, a hairdresser from Madrid, Spain uses rather unconventional tools for giving his customers the perfect look.

The ninja style

Who said sword is only for fighting? They are for cutting hair too!


New-age Edward scissorshand!

He uses different forms of cutters and his swift hand movements to slice off the hairs. Yes, SLICE.



Yes, we know this is the question you want to ask. WHY? The hair ‘designer’ says, one side of our hair is always a bit different from other as it is not cut simultaneously.


The solution!

Alberto is pretty confident and proud of his skill. He says his methods maybe look medieval, but are mathematical. And, it seems to work! After all, the customers are happy.


Your hair’s on fire!


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