The ‘TED Talk Gorilla’ Is Officially The Internet’s Hottest New Meme


Since the sad and untimely death of Harambe last year, the internet has gone absolutely ape-shit for gorilla memes.
Just this week, we had an excitable gorilla dancing around in a paddling pool to Flashdance’s hit Maniac which in case you missed, you can check out here.
But that’s old news, because now there’s another gorilla taking the internet by storm- TED Talk Gorilla to be precise – and he’s got a lot to say for himself.
It all started on Friday, when the L.A Zoo posted a photo promoting their Roaring Night Summer Music Series, which showed one of their gorillas looking like he was delivering an incredibly important lecture, or was about to announce the latest iPhone.

In almost no time at all the people of Twitter caught wind of the picture and unsurprisingly, made a Harambe joke.

This inspired a whole range of ideas about what the gorilla might be preaching about. Here’s some of the best jokes people came up with:
















Can you think of any funny captions? Let us know in the comments below!



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