This Image posted by Disney in Memory of Robin Williams is Really Heart-Wrenching.


Oscar Winning Actor Robin Williams died on Monday 11th August. Robin WIlliams gave the voice for Genie in famous series ” Alladin”. His fans all over the world are sad. We are also big fans of Robin Williams. The image posted by Disney just brought tears to all the fans of Robin Williams. We know Robin WIlliams live forever in our hearts. Robin Williams will keep ruling the comedy industry. May his Soul Rest in Peace. His message of life will always be spread by his fans all over the world.

The image posted by Disney’s facebook page.

Genie, I know it is against your rules, but please, just this once….. Bring him back :'(

Good Bye Genie


Good bye Alladin.

For more images, turn to page 2

Message of Robin’s wife. This is heart breaking.

Robin Williams will live forever.


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