Don’t Say Good Morning & Thank You To A Bus Driver In Britain If You Want To Save Yourself From A Lifetime Ban


Today it was announced that the whole of the UK is now ready to begin introducing hard to deal with problem passengers and speed up journey times.
Under plans announced today, passengers saying “good morning” and “thank you” to drivers could face a lifetime ban from bus services across Britain in an attempt to cut the politeness across the UK
Paul Gravytrain, Operations Director told a press conference today: “Our drivers do a difficult job and must remain grumpy at all times. Our training centres work hard to ensure staff treat customers with disdain, however an increasing number of passengers insist on greeting the driver as they board or thanking them as they disembark.”
The new 2016 policy willl t ivers to hand out a “BUSBO” to passengers deemed too cheery, banning them from First Leeds services for a minimum of 500 years.
Chairman of the Leeds Bus Drivers’ Union, Malcolm Cocknball comed the news. “Passengers are all stupid it’s about time there was some legislation that means we don’t have to speak to the guy he said.
We haven’t been able to get a comment from the company who run the services.. as of yet.
Some people have been wondering what type of reaction to give when first seeing the bus driver as soon as the new rules finally do kick in, others tend to only imagine how weird this experience might end up being towards the end, even if they’re going to Greggs.
We all know that sometimes when you go to leave the bus, you’re not too sure how to thank the driver in the first place.. like, how do you even do it? What do you even say? Thanks? Goodbye? Cheers? Tarra?
It doesn’t really matter what type of way you decide to say it, but eventually there will be no way of ever having a polite and normal conversation with a bus driver ever again.

Friendly bus driver on a daily route

We all know that Bus Drivers are polite people in general, but this new rule could change things.

Typical bus driver maneuver

The drivers have been pulling this stunt off for a while now.

Yet another way to get along with passengers

We all know this moment, waiting so long for this guy to put his foot down and drive past. damn.

Even looking directly in their eyes will get you banned

Don’t fancy getting lifted? The best thing to do is not to make eye contact.

Some are just heroes and we need to show them respect

But just don’t risk it, it really isn’t worth it.. just pay for your journey and sit down.


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