Doctor Took The Trained Dog To An Autistic Child And What The Dog Did Is Unbelievable


Mahe, a therapy dog who has been trained in assisting children with autism, was introduced to an autistic nine-year-old, James Isaac. And ever since they met, they’ve developed a bond that only grew stronger. Mahe has been a very positive influence on little James’ life, and when he was recently admitted to a hospital, the dog refused to let go of his side.
These heartwarming photos depict the beautiful bond Mahe and James share.

James and Mahe

Nine-year-old James Isaac suffers from autism. Mahe is a therapy dog who has been trained in providing assistance to children suffering from autism and is Jame’s friend.

Always by his side

James was lately suffering from seizures, and so went to the hospital to get it treated. He was admitted to New Zealand’s Wellington Children’s Hospital, but the dog refused to leave Jame’s side.

The hospital allowed…

The hospital let Mahe stay with James in his room.

Life before Mahe

Before Mahe was in James’ life, it was very tough to take James’ out with family, even to cafes, as he would get anxious and want to leave immediately.

After Mahe…

Everything changed for the better after James found Mahe. It was now possible for the entire family to go out as James’ would just sit with Mahe, free from any anxiety.

A therapy dog

Mahe received six months of training to assist children with autism.

How he helps James

James is tethered to Mahe every time they leave home. If James runs towards the street or goes too far from home, Mahe just sits down, not letting him go any further.


“He was just looking at James, and looking really worried,” James’ mother said of their hospital visit.

A beautiful bond

The child and the dog undoubtedly share a beautiful bond.


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