Tinder Profiles Of Game Of Thrones Characters Are Here


Can you imagine what would ensue if characters in the GOT universe had access to dating apps like Tinder? The people in the seven kingdoms would spend days perfecting their Tinder profiles. The Game of Thrones would then turn into “The Game of Swipes” as enemies would be at each other’s throats to steal the right swipe by killing the more handsome peers. While the men of the King’s Guard would get maximum right swipes, the Dothraki Boys would probably finish last. Littlefinger would go out of business as the girls in his brothel would prefer meeting their clients on Tinder.
Tinder will be a respite for the men in the Night’s watch as they would be able to date women without breaking their oaths. But above all, everyone in Westeros, be it the King or a peasant, would try hard to get the coveted right swipe and use all sorts of crazy sexual innuendos in their Bio.

But Tyrion, don’t good things come in small packages?


“My Dragons bring all the boys to the yard”


Should the sword be inches long?


“Mr Joffrey will see you now”


Hurricane Cersei in making


Such ambition, much wow.




Psst Side Bar (Winter isn’t the only thing coming)



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