9 Kinds Of People You Meet In College


College is the phase between being a caterpillar and a butterfly. Everyone’s weaving their own cocoon of interests, tastes, personality traits and what not. During this time we find people and surprisingly though we may momentarily swing 180 degrees in terms of likes and dislikes instantly, it’s a learning phase for everyone.
Nonetheless everyone carries some of their best memories from this time in their lives :)

1. The HIGH notes.

If he/she has bloodshot eyes and cannot calculate 13*8 within 10 seconds , said person is probably high.

2. Mr Smoothie Smootherson.

This kind JUST knows what to say to you to make your heart melt. But honey, don’t fall for that. Because if you do, you’d only break…your self esteem.

3. Intimidation Nation.

Somehow, these people haven’t gotten out of that phase yet. Get a life, will you? We know behind the scary exterior lies the insecure little kid who wants to be accepted.

4. The Smart Cookie

There’s always this one person who knows how to stay out of trouble, knows what to do and what not to. And they’re almost always right. It’s frightening, really.
To which, you, are mostly like : Nah. And then you later realize that that person was right. DAMN!

5. The nerds.

Now ladies and gentlemen, this specie has incredible resilience because they’re present in all spheres of life. Nothing, just NOTHING can wipe their kind from the face of the Earth.
They also manage to get on all your nerves because you are struggling to pass and they have a hang of everything. The subjects, college, life.

6. The Let’s-Create-Our-Own-Jobs

These people are convinced that nothing in this world is good enough for them and they need to make a space of their own to make a living. “Dude I have a brilliant business idea.” “Let’s do this.”
And you watch them spill their wonderful ideas like :

7. The Party Animals.

This kind is under the impression that the only possible solution to every situation is to go to a crowded dance floor with neon lighting and dose yourself with semi lethal quantities of alcohol.

8. The Annoying Retard

No matter how nice you want to be to this person, he/she somehow manages to get on your nerves. Maybe it’s excessive ass licking or the really really pathetic attempt at jokes. It could be pretty much anything…or everything.
When people want to know why you’re so annoyed with that person, the only thing you can come up with are lame reasons.

9. Diva Bitch.

The most attractive, trendy, charming..yeah all those adjectives. But along with that comes the arrogance and the indestructible bubble of being above everyone.
And you’re over there like :


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