Facebook’s New AI Tool To Prevent ‘Revenge P**n’, Which Can Save Tonnes Of Life


Once upon a time, there was a couple named, Angel and Steve. Their 5-year-old relationship was going smooth and they were happy to be with each other.
One fine day, Angel happened to check Steve’s phone while he was in the washroom. All of sudden, Angel broke into tears finding Steve is cheating on her since the very first day.
Apparently, Angel broke up with Steve but then came the dark part, Steve uploaded some intimate pictures of Angel openly on Facebook, which got viral. Angel couldn’t bear this revenge from Steve, and the very next day Angel was found dead in her apartment. She had committed SUICIDE. *Mourning*
Though this story is a fiction (*Sigh*), but there are tonnes of life which have been destroyed as a result of REVENGE PORN on social platforms.
What she’d have done to stop this? Well, at that time; Nothing.
But, today Facebook has introduced yet another feature under its new mission of building a ‘social infrastructure’.
Check out Facebook’s new initiative. They have rolled out a new tool for prevention of Revenge Porn.
Now, what’s ‘Revenge Porn’?
Revenge Porn refers to uploading of sexually explicit content without the consent of the featured person in a particular photo or video, in order to take revenge of anything regarding the relationship. Revenge porn is a critical issue with one in every 25 in the U.S.A being a victim of explicit uploads.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s, post on Facebook.

The new tool works on an algorithm, which traces any image which gets uploaded on Facebook. If a user uploads an image which is already removed from Facebook after being reported, the photo-matching tool will scan the picture and will prevent it from being getting reuploaded.

Let’s see what Facebook Global Head Of Safety has to say on this…

“We’ve focused in on this because of the unique harm that this kind of sharing has on its victims,” Facebook Global Head of Safety Antigone Davis to Techcrunch.
Though the report tool is already available on Facebook, now the specific option for revenge porn will be handled, and the user id uploading any such explicit content will also be removed from Facebook.
Technically, Facebook is looking to make it more user-friendly, last month Facebook realised a suicide prevention tool, to prevent suicides.
Facebook has also joined their hands with organisations, like the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative and the Revenge Porn Helpline, to prevent these kinds of cases.


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