15 Of The Funniest Videos On YouTube Right Now


Let’s face it; most of us are totally addicted to all things related to the Internet and social media. You cannot go anywhere these days without seeing someone with their heads buried in their phones or laptops and really who can blame them; the internet and social media are just so much fun!
One trend that is picking up quite a bit again lately is ‘YouTubing’, which is just a modern slang word for those people who spend their time either uploading videos to YouTube, or those who spend most of their free time watching viral videos on YouTube. Because of this fact (the whole YouTubing fad doing the rounds again), I have decided to make up a totally awesome collection of fifteen of the best and funniest YouTube videos of all time, for your viewing enjoyment.
So without further ado, see below for some totally RAD clips. Enjoy (and don’t die laughing)!


Attention: As an added note, please be advised that I have just listed the sources I found the clips under and not the original owners of the content. For more information regarding original sources/owners please follow the links provided. I also in no way, means or form try and claim any credit for the conception of these clips/videos. Enjoy and try not to die from laughter!

Dallas Funny News – Lizard Jumps On News Guy

What is amazing to me is how the guy is cool, calm and collected around the snake, but when the desert lizards jumps on him he screams blue murder. In my opinion a snake is way scarier than a lizard. In fact, a lizard is not something I would even consider as being scary, not so?

Have you ever had a dream like this?

This kid is so cute, not wonder the video went viral!

Best cat jump ever!

This video has honestly got to be one of my most favorite. I just hope the poor kitty was okay though because I must admit, that jump did look painful!

Dramatic Cupcake Dog Revelation

This dog is so funny, that he could absolutely have a future as a soap opera actor.

Camel interrupts interview

I honestly think this poor camel is in love with the guy he is harassing.

Bob Ed Goats Help

Why on earth did Bob not help Ed? Instead he just stood there, yelling back! Shame on you Ed. Shame on you!

Leopold the Amazing Leaping Cat

Wow! Look at him go!

Ultimate Dog Tease

OMW! This doggie is so epic! Seriously people, watch this video! It is the funniest thing you’ll see all year! You can even buy some merchandise with the cute dog’s face on it at this link from which all proceeds will go to the RSPCA.

2 Foreigners in Bollywood

Crossing the road like a BOSS!

Laughing Kitten

The laughter sounds were added so well to this clip, that it really looks like the cat is laughing! Good job!

Gangnam Style Amaya

Wow, this baby sure has rhythm!

Parrot Dancing Gangnam Style

This has got to be the best dancing bird video I have ever seen. This bird has moves way better than mine!

2 Hamsters 1 Wheel

The title/caption says it all don’t you think?

Man running from cow

I am still not sure if this clip is for real or fake, but one thing I am sure of though is that it is extremely funny!

Woman struck by lightning speaks

An epic example of what can happen when you are reporting news in a live studio. The tape could not have hooked at a better moment which makes this video priceless!


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