9 Simple Solutions To Everyday Problems You Face At Home


Nothing is perfect. When you’re living at home and utilising the facilities, something or the other is bound to go wrong. Minor things might break down, or you’d leave some stains on the carpet that are difficult to remove. These are common problems everyone faces at home. But how can you fix them without burning a hole in your pocket? Calling for home help can end up costing hundreds of dollars.
But why call for help when you can use some easy tools and fix it right out? You won’t need to bring out dangerous tools or get involved with any heavy duty tasks. You might just have to whip up some essential tools present in your home and get creative with them.
Here’s how you can manage to get some simple things done at home by using tools available in your home.

1. How to remove nasty stains from in-between your tiles.

Pour some spirit or rubbing alcohol on an old tennis ball and attach a broom handle on it (optional). You can then scruff it through the breaks in the tiles and remove the excess dirt. Preferably, use a tennis ball that you no longer use for play purposes.

2. Fixing a hole in the wall.

Whip up a mixture of glue and baking soda. Use a cue-tip to fill up the holes with this mixture. Make it quick because the glue might dry out.

3. Fixing a dent in your carpet.

Lay down ice cubes through the length of the dent and let the carpet soak up all the water. Using a spoon, even out the surface.

4. Repair a broken lock.

Worried about a lock that’s been stuck? Sharpen a pencil with a big chunk of graphite poking out and insert it in the lock space and break if off. Push the key inside and let the graphite melt inside. The melting graphite will lubricate the lock making it easy for you to turn the key again.

5. Prevent a flush from leaking.

Remove the chain of the flush handle and put a straw over it. The straw will fix the kink in the kitchen and avoid any leakage.

6. Removing oil stains from your driveway.

Put some kitty litter over the oil stain and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. Then crush the litter with your foot. You can use some detergent and wash it away.

7. Fixing rusted screws.

Pour vinegar over the screws and watch the rust just melt over.

8. Preventing doors from squeaking.

Rub some petroleum jelly over the hinges of the door and they will never squeak.

9. Unclogging a toilet.

Pour dish soap into your clogged toilet and let it sit for 30 minutes. The soap helps the clog to slide through and then you can flush.


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