These Gruesome See-Through Creatures Will Surely Give You Goosebumps


What if you see a transparent butterfly fluttering in your neighborhood or a see-through frog? As creepy as it may sound, these animals hold many scientific reasons behind their transparency. You may notice that most of the transparent animals are sea-creatures because these sea-dwelling animals protect themselves from their predators by teeth, speed, toxins or their big size; and some are also protected by their degree of invisibility.
Let’s have a look at some of these creatures and know the scientific reasons behind them.

The Transparent Butterfly.

It’s because of the low absorption, low scattering and low reflection capacity of the material of the wings that a Greata Oto butterfly’s wings are transparent. They are mostly found in South America. (Source: Wikipedia)

Juvenile Surgeon-fish.

They are mostly found in New Zealand. Believe or not, it looks exactly like the fish Dory from finding Nemo, one of Disney’s famous animated films. (Source: Wikipedia)

These ants take the color of what they drink !

These are pharaoh ants and they are around 2 mm in size. These ants are known for being a major nuisance mainly in hospitals. They are now found in almost every corner of the world. (Source: Wikipedia)

Beetle with a tortoise-shell.

They are not completely transparent, but a major part of them is invisible. This is to fool predators as it has marks on its back which signal a warning. (

Transparent-head Fish.

Its scientific name is macropinna microstoma. It has a transparent head, including the lenses and eyes. The head is said to be filled with fluid. It was first photographed alive in 2004. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Glass-like Octopus.

This see-through octopus is just 2cms wide and all its internal organs are clearly visible through its transparent body. The spots on its body keep changing colors. (Source: ibtimes)

Transparent Frog.

This species of frog belongs to the Hyperoliidae family. It was thought to be extinct but it was spotted again many times. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Crocodile Icefish.

This ghostly creature has colorless blood. It is mainly found in the Antarctic regions. It is the only known creature without any composition of hemoglobin in its body. (Source: ScientificAmerican)


A sea-salp usually measures up to 4 inches, but they chain themselves to make chains and can reach fifteen feet. They exist both as individuals and as a part of a larger organism. (Source: Outsideonline)


Jellyfishes are known to exist for at least 500 million years. There are many transparent and translucent jellyfishes present. They may be deadly to swimmers who are not able to see these invisible creatures.(Source:National Geographic)

Glass Catfish.

This is one of the most transparent living creatures on the planet. Its body has the ability to scatter the colours of a rainbow. They are mainly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. After death, they turn into a milky white color. (Source: ferrebeekeeper)
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