Healthy Relationship vs Toxic Relationship – Which One Defines Yours? Test it Here


Whether you are planning to get into a relationship or are already in one, there are certain things you got to remember if you want your relationship to last long.
For starters, being too clingy or needy is something you have to stay away from, as this can eventually make your partner feel strangulated. And you wouldn’t want it, do you?
If you are not too sure what to do and what to avoid in a relationship, this list discussing healthy relationship vs toxic relationship will come handy.
Read on.

1. Honesty and trust.

Healthy Relationship: The partners trust each other and are honest about their opinions and feelings.
Toxic Relationship: Due to a lack of trust, partners spy on each other and fear being cheated.

2. Success and happiness.

Healthy Relationship: Partners feel happy seeing the other succeed.
Toxic Relationship: Insecurity and jealousy replace happiness.

3. Inevident differences.

Healthy Relationship: Couples in a healthy relationship accept and celebrate their differences.
Toxic Relationship: They try to change each other and do not entertain any difference of opinions or thoughts

4. Decision-making.

Healthy Relationship: Both the partners have equal decision-making power and take mutual decisions or decisions that are in the best interest of both.
Toxic Relationship: One tries to dominate and forces his/her opinion on the other person.

5. Privacy.

Healthy Relationship: Maintain and respect each other’s privacy.
Toxic Relationship: Sneak into their partner’s phone or social media accounts or talk about their relationship and differences in public.

6. Being real.

Healthy Relationship: Being you, completely, in the company of your partner.
Toxic Relationship: Acting differently in the presence of your partner and masking your true self.

7. Fights and conflicts.

Healthy Relationship: Resolving fights and conflicts amicably and in a fair manner.
Toxic Relationship: Yelling, dragging the matter unnecessarily, and blaming each other

8. Maintaining identity.

Healthy Relationship: The partners complement each other and are not dependent on one other.
Toxic Relationship: They feel incomplete, under-confident and under-valued in the absence of their partner.

9. Friendships and other relationships.

Healthy Relationship: Maintain their individual friendships and let their partner also maintain theirs.
Toxic Relationship: Act too possessive and don’t let their partner meet or talk to his/her friends.

10. Hobbies and interests.

Healthy Relationship: They pursue their respective hobbies and other areas of interest and also let their partner do the same.
Toxic Relationship: They do only what their partner likes or enjoys.

11. Apologizing.

Healthy Relationship: Ego never takes precedence over relationships and hence apologizing doesn’t take much time.
Toxic Relationship: Ego seems more important and nobody wants to apologize.


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