With Flying Car, Google Is Looking At The Sky To Reach The Unachievable


And here I come!
I am the flying car and you have seen me in numerous Hollywood movies and read about me in science fiction. About a century back, French artists had predicted that I would be flying in the skies at the beginning of 21st century. Now, you can experience me first hand.
I am right here, in the skies. I am the Google’s Flying Car
According to Dainik Bhaskar, Kitty Hawk, a startup backed and funded by Google co-founder Larry Page, aims to bring revolution in the transport industry. According to media reports, Larry Page has invested $100 million in the flying car technology.
Partially funded by Google, this flying car is all set to thrill you in the skies. The car has vertical take-off and landing, weights around 100 kg and flies one person at a time.
The future seems to have arrived.
The startup Kitty Hawk reminds us of Kitty Hawk beach in US from where Wright brothers flew the first aircraft in 1902-03.

Look closely.

The flying car has teleports and hoverboards with a propeller thrust engine. The steering seems easily accessible and mind you, this is the first step. A little glimpse of that big future that’s awaiting all of us. The future belongs to flying cars. Long back, Steven Spielberg had shown it in his movie, Back To The Future released in 1985.


Maybe it will evolve into something like this, with enough space for whole family.

Or may be like this?

Who knows? What the future has in store.

Testing and Demonstration

For the time being, the car can only fly above water surfaces at a speed of 40 kilometres an hour. However, as of now, the prototype looks more like a Jet Ski with propellers than a flying car!

What Larry Page Said?

Larry Page told The New York Times, “We have always dreamt of flying effortlessly and that we were excited that one day we will be able to fly into his Kitty Hawk for a quick and easy personal flight.”

And here’s what CEO of Kitty Hawk says.

CEO of Kitty Hawk and former Google executive Sebastian Thrun posted on twitter that this feat is “nothing short of changing the future of personal transportation.”
According to CNN, the startup said that it has received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration for the aircraft to be flown in ‘uncongested areas’.
ABC News suggested that this all-electric, ultra-light one-seater can also be referred to as Octocoptor.
According to ABC News, the company released a statement saying, “It is safe, tested and legal to operate in the United States in selective areas. Also, you don’t need a pilot’s license, you’ll learn to fly it in minutes.”

Look at the video.

Times are a changing or shall we say this wise quote – time flies!

Happy Flying!



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