Meet The 63-Year-Old Professor Whose Café Visit Made Her A Mango Model


When did you last go on a coffee date with your friend? And, what happened there? You had a wonderful time together and headed back to your home. And, expecting anything more than this would be foolish, right?
So, to amaze you, the cafe meet we’re going to talk about is legendary since a 63-year-old model was born after that. The cafe was situated in New York. One fine day, Lyn Slater, now 63, went to meet a friend of hers in a cafe situated at Lincoln Center, NY.
A lot of photographers were there due to the regular Fashion Weeks going on and misinterpreted Lyn’s appearance as being one of the models. Within minutes she was surrounded by fashion paparazzi and since then she is been known by the name of “Accidental Icon”. Sounds interesting enough, then why don’t we look at the mesmerizing photos of the lady and know her history alongside.

Fordham University Professor

Lyn here works full-time as a professor of law and child welfare at Fordham. Even after living all these years of life, she does not considers herself any less than the younger generation. She keeps pursuing her hobbies and has an entirely different mindset when it comes to post-retirement life.

At the age of 62

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Lyn did not want to have a normal retirement like others and started her own blog about style in September 2014.

The Cafe

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Busy in her daily activities as a professor and blogging, one fine day she goes to meet one of her friends at a cafe. There she got all the fame when photographers perceived her as a model. And, the rest is history.


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With all the busyness in life, she never skipped upon her hobbies. With an inclination towards jewelry design, social media, styling and branding, she attended multiple classes of the same subjects at Fashion Institute of Technology in order to learn more about the field.

NYC Museums

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Being in NYC, she loves to visit several art galleries and museums. Also, she is very close with her granddaughter who also lives in NYC only. Lyn loves to spend time with her daughter and grandaughter and being in NYC makes it more easy for her to manage her work and personal life.

International Fashion Icon

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Well, that was who she was. After the confusion took place there while visiting the cafe, she was an international sensation in the fashion industry and got a lot of attention from a lot of fashion agencies.

Accidental Icon

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She did start her blogs at the start when pursuing style design as a hobby but it didn’t work much. After the entire series of events at cafe and aftermath, it helped her blog skyrocket. She now has 199k followers on Instagram and a verified account with the name of iconaccidental.

Camera Conscious Lyn

Although, Lyn has become a famous face in the fashion industry with several tie-ups with fashion houses now. Still, Lyn tells on her blog – “Believe it or not I am actually a bit shy and really don’t love having my picture taken, though I have to say I am getting used to it.”

Follows MWF pattern

“I do not blog full-time, I am still working full-time as an academic. This has been challenging but the way I have handled it is to post three times a week. On (MWF pattern) Monday I post an outfit that triggers an essay, Wednesday I give the details on the outfit and another short essay and on Friday I post links to fashion related articles, videos, and photos that are more under the radar so to speak and so aren’t being repeated across so many platforms. What also helps is that my photographer is also my partner and so we try to make taking photos a fun experience. He and I will usually have a nice lunch or dinner while we are shooting. It also makes editing easier too.”

Her style

The fashion icon of many now still thinks that her own style is, “Minimalist, avant-garde, nonchalant, monochrome.” as told to IFB.

Her photographer

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When talked about her photographer, the 63-year-old model said “The fabulous Calvin Lom, my partner.”

Impeccable dressing sense


Several associations

With the increasing popularity, today she has collaborations with a lot of fashion agencies. And, some like Refinery29 even let her bring the beloved granddaughter in the frame; as pictured.

The “Elite” model

The lady doesn’t seem to stop when it comes to being a part of more agencies than the newbies. Her associations with Elite Model tells a lot about her but she thinks – “Fashion and my style help me struggle against that invisibility that comes with age. I’m certain that if you feel comfortable in your own clothes, it’s completely irrelevant how old you are.” – Lyn Slater

Watch her latest video with Mango

Lastly, Lyn Slater gets featured in Mango’s video too.


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