This Man Was Obsessed With Iron Man’s Suit And What He Did Next Is Just Insane


Marvel superhero, ‘Iron Man’ has made everyone fall in love with him. From kids to grown-ups, the man of all the age envies him. And why not? After all, in this unexciting lifestyle, everyone would like to have some supernatural powers that will turn their life upside down.
While most people just sit back and think of having such a lifestyle, a man called Richard Browning couldn’t resist his wish to have those powers and has built an Iron Man suit for himself. A suit so powerful that it would take away the Iron Man title from Robert Downey Jr.
Let’s have a look!

Marvel’s film version of the comic ‘Iron Man’ released for the first time in 2008.

The film has inspired hundreds of innovators around the world to build that iconic suit of Iron Man. A British innovator who has been fascinated by the very idea of having an armoured suit with super powers inspired him to build something similar.

After spending almost a year to fool Gravity, a human propulsion startup has launched Daedalus suit.

The suit allows anyone to fly. It features, small jet engines, wifi connection, heads up display which enables its user to travel and move from one place to another.

Browning’s creativity deserves an applause, as what he has done is entirely insane!

Richard Browning hopes that if things turn out well, some day Daedalus will help people fly in the air at 161 km per hour.

Browning said that:

“I have designed this suit incredibly safe, especially keeping in mind how new it will be for people. We’re in the process of securing it by getting it insured from a world class aviation insurer,” says Richard Browning.

In this video, Richard Browning details about the parts of the suit.

The mass production of Daedalus’ beta version would start from next week. However, Browning has said in his statement that the company will be spending next 3-6 months in extensive research for adding more features and updates in the current suit.

Wondering how much it will cost you?

For all of those who believe this suit will be cheap, please don’t; because Browning has said this outfit would cost you approx. $20,000 to $250,000 including flight training charges.

Now, even Tony Stark would dream to have this one.

Are you excited enough to get your hands on this insane suit that lets you fly? Well, share your views in the comment box below.
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