This Fashion Show Featuring Models In A Wheelchair Is Destroying All Stereotypes


A show at the renowned Moscow Fashion Week just made some stunning style statements towards being all-inclusive. They included beautiful models in wheelchairs. Yes, you read that right.
Open World, a nonprofit organization that aims to give opportunities to those with disabilities, partnered with the Moscow Fashion Week. They created a show that featured disabled women of different ages in wheelchairs. These models wore everything from cocktail dresses, leather pants, beautiful ornate headpieces, and proved that everyone out in the world can walk the runway and look fabulous.
You need to see them. Trust me!

Look at these stunning beauties.


How stunning are they?


This is so inspiring!


Breaking the norms. Yes, this is exactly what the world needs.


Isn’t this look fierce?


Ah! This dress is everything.

This is not the first and only fashion show to include models showcasing disabilities, back in 2015, FTL MODA featured models in wheelchairs.

Watch the video here:

Everything about this show looks stunning.
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