20 Funniest Cases Of Child Logics That Prove These Kids The Father Of All


Children have their reasons to everything. The innocence with which they reply to something is just adorable.
This story is about, “What is the funniest child logic you’ve ever heard?”. A question that was asked on Reddit. The replies to it of some kids certainly prove that they are going to be a future prodigy in this case.
Wanna find out what ‘logics’ they stated?
Have a read below?

1. You can’t beat this one!

A woman babysits a 5-year-old kid and he thinks that she pays her mom to let her allow to spend time with him!

2. It won’t happen so soon dear!

A girl mentioned that she had a guy best friend when she was a kid. They were in a bus on a field trip and they both fell asleep. When they woke up, the guy freaked out thinking that merely ‘sleeping together’ would make the girl pregnant!

3. What an answer!

A child named Jimmy seeked into her cabin dressed in an army suit. When she asked him if she wants to join the army, his reply was, “I just don’t want to die..”

4. That was really worth thinking..Yeah?

One year for St.Patrick’s day, her 8-year-old sister designed a leprechaun trap. When she was asked, “What would she do if she caught the leprechaun?”, she replied, ” We’re gonna catch it, and ask it hard questions.”

5. Inhabitant in Antarctica!

Teacher(to a first-grade student): Why didn’t you do your homework?
Kid: My sister was using the colored pencil.
Teacher: You could have just asked to borrow it.
After 5 seconds pause
Kid: No, she took it and went to Antarctica
Teacher: Nobody lives in Antarctica
Kid: pause
Teacher: pause
Kid: She does. She lives there now

6. The snake was not bigger but..

When he was talking to his cousin and told him that there were snakes bigger than him, he didn’t believe him. When he was shown a picture as a proof, his reply was, “The snake isn’t bigger than him, rather it is too long!”

7. Because the clothes were shrinking…

When she was donating her niece’s clothes that she had outgrown, her niece said her not to do so.When asked why her niece said that she would put them on her doll not because she was growing but because the ‘clothes were shrinking’!

8. Not much water Daddy!

When they were kids, they were watching their dad clean the fish tank. As he refilled it, his sister panicked and shouted, “Whoa Dad! Not too much, they’ll drown!”

9. Only higher authority commands will be accepted here.

A woman tells about her great-niece who was 4-years-old. She didn’t know her great grandmother as she lived in some other state. But when she met her great-grandmother, she decided that she would not listen to her grandmother anymore. Her logic was, “I shall listen only if the order comes from the mother of whoever is talking to me.”

10. I guess he took the story way to seriously…

There was a storybook he read when he was 4, where a turtle becomes wise after he learns that he couldn’t fly after cracking its shell. So to become wise, he threw himself down the stairs!

11. Not father, but you are the Daddy!

When his daughter was in kindergarten, he asked him to do something that she refused. When he shouted at her saying that she should mean what her father instructs,she said him that he was not her father! Her reply was, “Fathers don’t see their kids very often, you’re a Daddy.”

12. Because ‘their mouths were broken’?

When they moved to Texas, he was 6 and his little brother was 3. The first day they played outside, his brother came running to their mother bawling his head off! His reason for this reaction was, “Their mouths are broken!”

13. Grey hair means you are about to die!

His 6-year-old niece always questioned his mum as to when her dyed hair would turn black. The reason that his father found out later was that when she lost her Grandpa, he had lots of grey hair. When the little girl asked her Grandpa, was he about to die?, he would always say a no, and mention not until all hair on his head turn grey. Thus the kid had this mindset that if someone has grey-hair, they were approaching death!

14. She meant it after all.

Their 5-year-old daughter had problem in communicating so they suggested her in the school to keep telling stories at home. When her parents showed her the picture of a German village and asked her to tell something about the picture, her reply was, “I can’t tell you because I don’t speak German!”

15. Fairies don’t come this sooner Mum!

When she was telling her four-year-old daughter the story of Cinderella and reached the part where the fairy appears, her daughter claimed that the story was pure fiction. The mom was happy realising that she understood the difference between fact and fiction,but what the kid said was, ” Fairies only appear when you lose a tooth!”

16. And she wins this one.

When he was taking her to the school, the kid took out a pair of tights to wear, but her daddy instructed her to wear pants. He added by saying that he was her father and she ought to respect him. She promptly replied, “It is the beginning of the day, and so I am wearing tights.” She won the argument.

17. This was the most plausible answer the kid could have given.

In a new Chick-Fil-A commercial, a man wakes up a cow that is crowing like a rooster. When he asked his 6-year-old about how was the cow making that noise, he spontaneously said, “It must have eaten a chicken.” Epic!

18. ‘Daddy, Is water windy?’

He was running a bath for his daughter and she asked him, “Is it hot?” He denied. Later she asked, “Is it cold?”, he denied again. She was puzzled for sometime and then finally asked him, “It’s windy?”. The father was amused absolutely at her this innocent question.

19. To give the apples a perfect company…

A user wrote that their daughter couldn’t eat the apples, until there is peanut butter on the plate. She doesn’t eat it along with the apples, but takes a dip when the apple is all gone. When asked why she does that, her reply was, ” My apples don’t want to be alone and so the peanut butter gives them the company. The peanut butter is super brave and so it doesn’t mind that the apples are all gone when I eat it.”

20. Hats off to this one!

Child: Why does God make people shorter when they get old?
Mother: I don’t know. What do you think?
Child: I guess so he can fit them all into heaven.
Hilariously genius these kids are! What do you think so?
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