7 Optical Illusion Images To Get You Trippy Today


What is the optical illusion? Just a fuzzy thing that goes on in your brain that fools your eyes to see something else for a while. But in more scientific terms, the cones in your eyes responsible for color vision tend to get slightly fudged away due to a picture that is created to disturb your cones so that the brain can interpret the image as an illusion.
Here is another optical illusion recently created that would definitely make you go ‘WHOA!’

1. What are optical illusions?

Do they just fool our minds or is there some science involved in it?

2. Do you feel the circles moving here?


3. Contrasting colors also create an illusion of motion.


4. These are known as geometric illusions.


5. How many legs do you think this elephant has?


6. In this new optical illusion, all you need to do is stare at the dot.

The dot which is right in the middle of the castle.

7. If you stare at it for nearly 5 seconds, you would see a color image.


Don’t believe me? Check out this video for yourself.


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