12 Cheesy & Mushy Mushy Things Every Twentysomething Wants To Do Secretly


To be in love is the most serene and blissful thing on Earth. In today’s world, we get to see the hashtags on really silly and giddy things like posting pictures of couples with matching sneakers and t-shirts on social media, and trust me there is an endless list of those cheesy and sappy things that we all want to do secretly with our partner, especially in our twenties. Love has no age, so you are all welcome here! Let’s get ready to ride in a lovey-dovey roller-coaster and fulfill our life with an extra dose of love, goofiness, adventure, and madness. Here we go!

1. You’re traveling around the world to create a love map.

Isn’t it a great idea to travel together all around the world just to bond with one another? And you never forget to keep a track of it as proof of your loving memories!

2. Matching lock screen photos.

Aww and how cheesy is that for a not-so-old teenager?! LOL

3. Making a fort to binge-watch Netflix together.

You buy your own alcohol and snacks to munch on and just the idea of watching movies/tv programs together gets you all excited to snuggle in your “love cave” for eternity!

4. Your memories don’t need to be in your mind. You can have them on boards as well!

This is especially a great idea for all of you males. It becomes really tough to remember all your dates and love anniversaries. So, how about framing your memories with all the dates you’ve been on so far?
Trust me, it looks so cute!

5. Post these random cute messages on post-its.

Finally, it feels and looks much better than those passive-aggressive reminders like “clean the mess and put your dishes away”.

6. When you receive this jar as a gift.

You know when your partner is a thoughtful AF and gifts you 365 lovely, color-coordinated messages so that you have something really nice that you can go through every single day. It’s simply enough to make your day the best day of all.

7. Taking pictures on each anniversary holding the previous year’s memories!

Isn’t it the cutest example of true love?

8. Romantic moments captured all around the world.

Love is in the air!

9. Forever couple tattoos.

Nothing proves ‘true love’ like ink that lasts forever!

10. A photo collage for every year you’ve been together!

Memories for the love-birds!

11. Those aww-dorable handwritten letters.

Sometimes you just need a little more than a simple text with a mushy-mushy emoji, don’t you?

12. Matching t-shirts.

You’re winning the love game and of course, it’s a sign of your bonding, passion, and affection for each other.
Among all of these, only certain things actually matter when it comes to true happiness and longevity as partners. If you want a real relationship rather than being a show-off, better strive for something more important than just Instagram and FB worthy moments.


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