10 Styling Mistakes That Men Make Unknowingly, Everyday


Gentlemen, looking good is in your hand, but your dressing sense and the way you carry yourself matter the most. We can never get perfect, but we can be better than the yesterday’s us. We can change ourselves anytime we want, so that’s why I am here today to tell you about the 10 styling mistakes that we men make.
Well-tailored or branded clothes and accessories may make you look good. But what actually matters is the way you wear them.
Here are 10 styling mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Trousers:

Avoid trousers, which are loose at the bottom and cover your shoes. This style looks old fashioned, untidy and ruins the look of shoes.

2. Size down or Size up:

Go for right-sized clothes. Often, we pick up L size if the right size is M. Choose size S instead; if it doesn’t look right then go back to M. 80% chances are that you will look better when you downsize.

3. Suit selection:

Suits represent men.
Colour, fitting, and material matter most for selection of suits.
Even if you are picking up a ready-made suit, get the one which fits you

4. Untucked shirt:

There is a rule to wear an untucked shirt. Only casual shirt can be worn untucked. Formal shirt should be tucked in.
The length of untucked shirt also matters. The shirt should end somewhere between your jeans zipper and end point.

5. Shades:

Wear shades that suit your face. Keep in view the size and shape of your face while selecting shades.
You can choose colour of your choice

6. V-neck:

It depends on your body size, the weather and the occasion on which you are wearing. But V-necks should be avoided.

7. Wrong tie:

It depends on your body size. Very wide ties are old-fashioned. Thin or narrow ties don’t look good. So, choose the right one or don’t wear it.

8. Wrinkled shirt/T-shirt:

It just takes five minutes. For the sake of clothes, IRON YOUR CLOTHES.

9. Wearing too much colour:

What are you? A rainbow? We are not living in 1970s. So, go for colours that suit the occasion and your personality.

10. Wrong shoes:

You have no idea, how much it hurts others’ eyes if they see you wearing shoes that don’t fit you or don’t fit the occasion. Get casual, formal, and sports footwear and you have shoes to suit every occasion.


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