11 Times People Badly Regretted Shopping Online


Everyday, technology is changing. We no longer need to leave the house to get our groceries, clothes, gifts for friends, or even a good book that we’re pining after. But what happens when online shopping goes horribly wrong?
Check out these online shopping fails for a big chuckle – they may just make your day.

Surprise ruined!

Well, that’s one way to totally ruin a surprise. Hopefully the delivery guy got one big talking to about this!

Can’t see the haters

Down side? The hoodie looks ridiculous. Up side? You definitely can’t see all your haters!

Beach time happiness

Planning a beach vacay? With these, your Barbie dolls may have some fun in the sun, but you? You’re completely out of luck!

One unhappy kitty

And all this kitty cat wanted for Christmas was a cute little scratching pad/chair. Better luck next time, kitty!

Lookin’ good

The model sure looks amazing – the reality however? A pretty awful dress for your pet.

Wedding day fail

Your wedding day is arguably the best day of your life. But with this green and odd-looking contraption? Day effectively ruined!

The big event

You can’t hold any kind of event with THESE tiny little chairs now, can you? Hashtag fail!

Thinking outside the box

Well, at least the restaurant got creative when they ran out of cups! I guess that’s entrepreneurship in action.

Camping blues

Boys weekend? Music festival? You best make your way straight to the store and get yourself a bigger and more useable tent, Mr!

Night time sadness

Night time just got officially depressing. This guy deserves a full refund… and a normal-sized lamp!

Girls night!

Getting your gear ready for the gym? Yesssss, bro! But ordering that vest turned out to be quite a bust, didn’t it? Sad face!


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