These 10 Elderly People Not Understanding Technology Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


The technological advancements in recent years have made the world a different place than it was 20 or even 10 years ago. Social media has taken over the world and you can access pretty much any piece of information you need at your fingertips. Although most of us fully understand how to use smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other technology, some of the older generations have struggled to catch up with the changing times.
These 10 older people haven’t quite embraced new technology, and it’s the most adorable thing ever!

#1 This selfie filter definitely suits him

Need to take a picture of an appliance to send to someone? Be sure to have your heart selfie filter on for a nice, added touch.

#2 This person is stuck in a different time.

Not only is their phone as old as dirt but they also didn’t realize the clock was actually a sticker. When you think your clock is broken because of a sticker, you are too far behind the times.

#3 This person deserves points for the extra effort.

Copy and paste have made using the computer so much more efficient, but this grandma would prefer the old fashioned way. Good old paper and pencil. This adds at least 15 seconds to the page load process.

#4 The easy-to-follow method.

This remote features a guide to all the buttons that are necessary for controlling the minimum number of features on the TV remote. It’s perfect for anyone who’s not technology-friendly. Just one question – how do you change the HDMI input?

#5 This grandma’s politeness is contagious.

This is literally the most genuine search there has ever been on the Internet. BRB, dying of cuteness.

#6 A little confidence goes a long way.

This woman successfully took a selfie and then got it printed out so she could celebrate her technological victory. Will you be my grandma?

#7 Looks wonderful!

You have to give this mom credit for trying. Practice makes perfect! Okay so practice actually only made another blurry photo but at least there was a tiny bit of effort given to the task at hand.

#8 Her priorities are in the right place.

Cats are everything, and this woman is using technology for all the right reasons. Perhaps it’s time to introduce her to virtual reality.

#9 This woman is taking it way back in time.

Nothing like using a magnifying glass to view your newest snap or scroll through Instagram. She is straight out of the wrong time period, but it’s so right. Someone should let her know that phones have a built-in magnifying glass.

#10 Grandma you didn’t buy a smartphone.

In this grandma’s defense, this calculator does sort of resemble a smartphone. She just has a little catching up to do. If she starts taking calls on it, her family might consider that it’s time to put her in a home.


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