Are You A Verbal Processor Or A Wistful Speaker? Test It Yourself


Of late, there has been lot of debate on traits of human beings which indicate that they are introverts, extroverts, ambivert or normal human beings.
WittyFeed brings you excerpts from what experts have found on the subject.
For instance, this is what Susan Cain has to say. She is the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking and Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts.
“Instead of worrying that you are too introverted, you should worry that our culture is not introverted enough. In today’s overscheduled, hyperactive society, we celebrate the alpha approach (consider the rise of reality TV stars, for example) and dramatically undervalue the quieter aspects of our nature – which, by the way, even the most gregarious of us possess,” Cain remarked.
Author Laurie Helgoe argued in her book about the inner life of an introvert and how it is the hidden strength for anyone to thrive in this world.
Read on to trace yourself.
Marti Olsen Laney raised crucial questions in her book – The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extroverted World. She has studied the life and behavioural analysis of different personalities before reaching a decision. In her book, she asked questions to obtain the answer – “Whether you are an introvert or not?”
Here are some points to help you know whether you are an introvert. It is based on various studies carried out by research scholars and scientists in order to get a better understanding of the functioning of human behaviour in a better way.

1. You are perfectly comfortable with spending time alone.

According to a scientific research, the brain of an introvert and an extrovert work in a different manner and hence the striking differences between their personalities arise.

2. You tend to avoid large social gatherings & parties are not the best places for you.

An article in The New York Times stated, “Some of our most transformative leaders have been shy or introverted: Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks. All of them were more focused on their causes than on their egos. In fact, many of the most spectacularly creative people across a broad variety of fields have been quiet types who enjoyed solitude, from Frédéric Chopin to Charles Darwin.”

3. You either find yourself struggling or not willing while having conversations within a group of people but you thrive in one on one conversations.


4. Reading, watching movies at home & eating are better options for you than going out & dancing.


5. You are not shy but people think you are.


6. You are absolutely happy with yourself but there are people who always ask you whether you’re happy.


7. Maybe you like someone very deeply but you’ll probably spend your whole life not even talking to them.


8. You get really excited when the topic of conversation is of your interest.


9. You dance your ass off when you’re alone or you are with someone special, just the two of you.


10. You’ve have confined group of friends & you are absolutely ok with having a limited number of friends, you trust them more than anything.


11. You get irritated when there are people speaking constantly but you can listen to your loved ones for hours with full interest.


12. Sometimes you put on headphones without turning on any music just to avoid conversation.


13. Sometimes you turn on the music extremely loud & plug in headphones so that you can be in your own space & not be bothered by all those blabbering around you.


14. You open up only to those whom you trust deeply & whom you consider very special.


15. You don’t show your emotions to anyone.


16. You prefer to write rather than speaki & you’re good at it.


17. Maybe sometimes you want people to understand you & not think of you as a shy, depressed, sad & lonely person because you are really not.


18. Your idea of having fun can be doing absolutely crazy & nuts or it can be as simple as laying on the couch reading something. You don’t do mediocre things.


19. It doesn’t matters to you what others think of you.


20. You love travelling & you don’t mind travelling alone. It’s the perfect idea for you.


21. You can actually go out to movies alone, eat alone at a restaurant & consider all of this as perfectly normal.


22. You observe others, analyse them, learn about personalities & you know a lot them.


23. Sometimes you sit & do analysis of your life & what you’re doing.


Know your MBTI.

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