This is How Newborns See Their Parents; It’s Amazing


I’ve heard of countless stories of babies when they are born. After being softly cushioned in the womb, the baby needs time to get adjusted to the new world. Every baby will react and adapt to the environment in a different way.
That is why what we think our children perceive is not the same. If we show them something, it’s not what they see. Confused?
Read on to know what I am trying to explain.

What do babies see when they are born.


At first, they just see black and white.


And only eight to ten inches in front of them.


By three months, infants begin to process colors.


By this time, they also start recognising their parents.

By vision, touch becomes recognisable earlier.

After eight months.

Their vision gets improved alongwith their hand-eye coordination.

And by a year, babies are half way through to a fully developed vision.


A fully developed vision happens when the toddler is around two years old.

So, now you know everything about a child’s vision, kindly take care of each and everything until they reach to a fully developed vision.


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