Awesome DIY Ideas To Prevent Migraines Caused By Hormonal Changes In Your Body


You’ve heard the term “migraine” a lot of times from your peers, people suffering from it in the family or read some news about it. But, did you know that almost 1 billion people around the world suffer from it? It varies from being moderate in intensity to severe headaches. However, if one is suffering from a migraine, then the chances of their death doesn’t increase. But, is that necessary for us to take a step only when it poses a threat to our life?
Considering your answer to be a NO, scroll down to know all the basics about migraines and some DIY’s to get rid of it.

Did you know?

Taking some details about it into account, it is the type of a headache which only occurs in one-half of the brain generally which may last ranging from 2 hours to 72. The pain, however, increases if a person exerts themselves more physically.

Symptoms of a migraine.

When one is suffering from a migraine, one may feel a sudden urge to vomit (nausea). Apart from that, they may also become sensitive to light, sound, or smell of any kind which makes them uncomfortable but only when they’re going to have the seizure.

Gender advantage.

I personally feel gender equality to be one of the aspects to be pursued by everyone. Yet a migraine thinks otherwise. More boys carry this ailment than girls but only before they hit puberty. After that, it takes the other side with a more intense degree than before. So, 2 to 3 times more women suffer from a migraine than men according to statistics, concluding that hormonal changes play a major role.

Some can sense it.

Before the recurrent seizures hit, some people know such things in advance i.e. aura. Surprisingly, the number of such people is one-third of all the people with a migraine. Now, whether you can act all God and know it or face the situation uninvited. The following will always help you to reduce the future instances or at least minimize the trouble you go through.

You’re not alone.

If you happen to be the one who suffers from a migraine or know someone who is going through the same trouble, this one is relieving. Approximations say that 15% of people all around the globe are affected by a migraine.

The Aura phenomenon.

It looks like more of the female populace has migraines without aura than with aura. As far as men are concerned – with/without aura, it happens with the same frequency in men. And, for the above reasons don’t be the only one to read the following relief solutions for a migraine but spread it as much as you can.


With one’s prescribed medication, if they take caffeine along with it or normally then the chances of avoiding migraines increase. Don’t forget, it helps in recovering you from a migraine but also can make you an addict in the process and the withdrawal symptoms will drag you back to square one.

Ginger root powder.

Don’t feel too good about how allopathy works, here’s one desi nuskha with the potential to keep your headaches at bay. And, with ginger root powder you can get the same anti-inflammatory benefits of a medicine with lower side-effects compared to drugs.

Basil oil.

We have started to use olive oil for cooking our food for health benefits; well, using basil oil will help you even more since it comes with the additional advantage of being a muscle soother ‘naturally’. Not only that, whenever you have that aura feeling, Basil oil can help with the muscle pain and tensions leading to headaches.

Lavender oil.

This needs some preparation which will also help you in reducing your expenses on a good room freshener. The smell being one of the causes, the commercial products might not suit the diseased and that’s how the following will come in handy when needed:
Take a bowl with six cups of boiled water
Add a few drops of lavender oil (8 when considering the water ratio)
There’s no 3rd, it’s done. That simple. In the end, the vapor you inhale will relieve you from a headache.
Bonus tip: Take a few drops of that oil and rub on your temples as it will have a more soothing effect


Tanacetum parthenium, the binomial name if at all you were a science enthusiast. It comes in the form of tea also other than the supplement or extract form. So if you’re a tea lover, you can opt for this one to prevent a migraine or prevent it in the later stage.

Icy Banana waste.

As the name suggests, the next time you come across a person suffering from a migraine eating a banana; suggest them the following. Banana happens to be rich in potassium and using its peel as a headband with ice, lets the forehead absorb potassium making the sufferer feel better.


Ever heard of Alsi (Hindi)? The inflammation being one major cause of migraine headaches is subsided with the help of Alsi and the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids. The easiest of all in the list, just add them in what you eat (preferably, in salad or soup).


According to science, the major cause of a migraine is inflammation which will not be there if a proper flow of blood to the brain is maintained. Based on the same, taking Butterbur medication will assist the patient in fighting it with a dosage of two pills a day (50 – 75 mg each), the same reason why it’s a proven remedy.


Lastly, when it’s all about preventing inflammation, this wheat is high in rutin which lowers inflammation. So, when you get something which can avoid the biggest cause of a migraine then you don’t just read about it. You must include it in your diet; buy it, add it and share it.


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