Most Interesting US Presidential Debates Of All Times; Reagan’s Logic Stunned All


US presidential debates are the most happening part of elections.
The candidates running for the office express their ideas, plans and impress voters through these debates. The candidates also highlight their agenda and help voters to choose the right candidate for the coveted post.
WittyFeed brings you some of the most interesting debates of all times.

Nixon and Kennedy during presidential debate

The televised Presidential debates kicked off in 1960 when the Republican Party nominee Richard Nixon was pitched against Democratic Party candiadte John F Kennedy.
The debate became one of the most watched broadcasts in the history of television, with more than one in three voters tuning in to hear the debate. Kennedy became the President

Kennedy and Nixon shaking hands

Debates have been a source of information to voters apart from town halls and campaign rallies. No one can deny that these debates carry a lot of drama, which makes them more interesting to watch.

Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale, 1984.

An interesting debate took place between Republican nominee Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale in 1984.
Reagan had already served his first term and was 73 years old. During the debate, Reagan said, “I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”
This is considered one of the most famous lines of presidential debates. Reagan became president for the second ter

US Presidential candidates 1960-2016

In last four decades, we saw rigorous debates on policies, heated arguments over social issues and most importantly we saw rise of propaganda. Technology became its vital part that attracted viewers from all over the world. Internet played a huge role in ensuring that.

George W Bush and Al Gore

In 2002 presidential debate between George W Bush and Al Gore, the latter left his podium in a huff.

Al Gore intimidates George Bush

But Gorge W Bush simply nodded his head and smiled and continued to answer his question without any interruption. In the evening, all the news channels played the clip and referred this debate as an act of intimidation by Al Gore. See what Al Gore actually did!

Barack Obama shakes hands with Republican rival John McCain, Mississippi 2008

Before Barack Obama’s meteoric rise in 2008, he had an interesting debate with opposition candidate John McCain. This was the second most interesting election debate that comes to one’s mind. It was the time when America chose its first black President – Barack Obama.The debate focused on Iraq war. It was the time when the US had just come out of financial crisis. American people were tired of war, and they wanted to hear something new, they wanted to end it.

Barack Obama kept his election promise and called off Iraq War

American people were tired of war, and they wanted to hear something new, they wanted to end it. Obama promised the same as he proved that he can change things. And Obama won. The 2008 election changed the way of campaigning as Internet emerged a new platform. Obama used it effectively.

The most fiery debate – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, 2016

The 2016 Presidential debate broke records for gaining all-time high viewership. Initially, Donald Trump appeared weak against Hillary Clinton, an experienced politician. The debates were full of propaganda and rhetoric.
Trump ran a wonderful social media campaign, targeting Hillary and her credibility. And he kept on targeting her ability during debates. In one of the debates, he questioned Hillary’s stamina to become a President.

Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton, “A Nasty Woman!”

In a fit of anger, Donald Trump called Hillary a “nasty woman.” Hitting back, Hillary called Trump a Russian puppet and mentioned Trump’s disrespect towards women in his past. The cat fight gathered viewership from across the globe.
It was rated as one of the most interesting campaigns ever as the election results beat poll predictions and shocked Democrats.


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