9 Smart Ways To Make You Travel Like A Star


When you’re all done with booking, the next thing comes is juxtaposing things from Point A to Point B and it called PACKING! Either you’ve planned out a weekend trip to the outskirts of the city or a two week beach holiday, there must be some things that should be kept in mind.
Here I’ve compiled some smart tips for the stress-free packing. I bet, they’ll make your job much easier and they’re absolutely free.
Well, you can thank me later for this!

1. Buy the lightest luggage.

The best thing about the light-weight luggage is you can carry more of your stuff instead of carrying a dead weight.

2. One bag. One carry-on.

The best way to make your journey comfortable and easy is to carry one bag along with a bag pack. Keep it simple!

3. Add your own compartments.

Built-in the compartments inside the suitcase. All toiletries and cosmetics must fit in one section, shirts in another, pants, underwear and you’re ready to go!

4. Choose your color.

To be a savvy packer, pick up that pieces of outfits from your closet that can be worn in different styles so that they give you a feel of the brand new outfit.

5. Now take stuff out.

Okay, now remove the last three rags you have stuffed just because there was some space in the suitcase. You never know you may find something good for yourself at the destination, so there should always be some room for new clothes.

6. Don’t forget to pack an expandable emergency bag.

It’s always good to carry an expandable bag as you may decide to go on a mini-excursion and you may leave the main bag in the hotel room.


You have to act a bit pretentious; just act like an elf and imagine you need tiny things. Carry a mini toothbrush, toothpaste, small pack of body wash and other toiletries. Don’t worry, they work as good as mega.

8. Don’t pack what’s already there!

Certain hotels provide all the cosmetic products and toiletries. Therefore, you can avoid carrying them. You can check that in advance while booking a room.

9. They do laundry there!

You need not carry multiple pairs of undergarments and socks, even if it is a small trip or an extended one. These days the hotels provide the basic laundry facilities.

Do’s and Don’ts of packing! Watch the video and share it with your friends.


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